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Love the DC Comic Bombshells.

Knowing me, you might expect me to have something to say about the Wonder Woman movie. It is my new favorite movie. Moving on to a very related topic, I’ve got another feminist superhero comic for you! The DC Comics Bombshells started as an art line by Ant Lucia, which became a DC statue line, and […]

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This is a repost of a blog from 2011 on our sister project, Hinges of History.

The World War II-era pin-up art is quite amazing. It’s no surprise that scholars like Walt Reed have dubbed the era “the golden age” of the pin-up.  Think about it: pin-ups were everywhere, from magazines like Esquire to the noses of planes to even personal snapshots (check out our friend Maria Elena Buzek’s fascinating book Pin-Up Grrls for a discussion of that phenomena). The director’s mother – the WAVE who inspired this project – had a collection of drawings she did during the war era of women in pin-up guise. They were everywhere.

This is a recruitment poster for the WAVES and SPARs done by pin-up artist George Petty. Petty was the “establishment” when it came to pin-ups – he pretty much created the famous Esquire pin-up centerfolds. But when he left the magazine in 1940, his role was taken over by an young upstart, Antonio Vargas.  His pin-ups (dubbed “Varga Girls”) made the Petty pin-ups look tame by comparison: buxom, long legs, tiny waists – to contemporary eyes a combination of Barbie doll and Playboy centerfold.

This image came from a calendar Esquire ran during the war – which featured a WAVE-to-be. The poem alongside her reads:

I’m going to join the Navy WAVES and help the war to halt, and also show my Navy beau that I am worth my “Salt!”

Vargas also did the SPARs recruitment poster, below.

The Name Game

Love this serious from Mrs. Greatnews.

And we’re back with more pinups discussing how they came to choose their pinups names. Or decide to not go with a name at all! Today we’re hearing from Miss Mabel May, Miss Jessica Mae and Kaye Clyne (owner of Kabella Baby). First up, Miss Mabel May! Flying to Auckland again and I couldn’t resist […]

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Profiles in Art: Rebecca Bedell

Art History offers the knowledge and the critical skills that equip us to probe, analyze, make sense of and make meaningful the visual aspects of our environment.—not just paintings hanging on museum walls, but the buildings we walk past each day, the parks we visit, the spatial configurations of the places we inhabit, the digital advertisements that assault us all through the day.

See this fabulous interview with Art Historian Rebecca Bedell for more.

Rebecca Bedell is an Associate Professor of the Art of the United States, Art Department, Wellesley College.  Professor Bedell is author of The Anatomy of Nature: Geology and American Landscape Pai…

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Your Week in Pin Up Issue 55: The Superhero Edition

12 June 2017

Hint: They’re Not All Comic Book Characters

This Powerful Anti-Rape Message.

Was it Rape Then? from Lady Brain by Casey Gates on Vimeo.

The short film Was It Rape, Then? uses language from Shakespeare to talk about the issue of sexual assault. Beautiful.

RIP Adam West.

If you were from a certain generation, he WAS Batman.

If you were from another, he was the voice of the Mayor of Quahog on Family Guy.

Adam West died last week at the age of 88.

Our Quote of the Week

I want to make a great superhero film. Not a great female superhero film.

Jenkins and Godot on set. Warner Brothers Entertainment.

From the set of Wonder Woman. Thank you for succeeding, Patty Jenkins.

Hello, Bettie.

Our repost of this great blog from Graphic Policy on the reappearance of Bettie Page in the comics had you all buzzing.

This. GIF.


Betty Brosmer, “the Most Gorgeous Body of 50s” —

Beauty queen of 1950s Betty Brosmer started her model career at the age of 13. The result was more than impressive – she has won over 50 beauty contests, has appeared on magazine covers more than 300 times, her image decorated more than a hundred calendars, billboards across the country, and she was the highest paid […]

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Boudoir Burlesque! — Miss Lady Lace’s Vintage Pinup Blog

The show is June 17th. The feature is timeless.

Hello lovelies! The next fabulous edition of The Boudoir Burlesque Show on next week so it’s time to meet out beautiful and talented cast! The Boudoir Burlesque Show is taking place June 17th from 7pm at Rigby’s Bar! For tickets CLICK HERE! Warm regards, Pinup Girl | Burlesque Artist | Vintage Blogger E: W: %5B…%5D

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What’s in a Pinup Name? (Or How to Pick a Pinup Name Part 1, featuring NZ Pinups) — Mrs Greatnews

When you’re just getting into the pinup scene, it can all be a little overwhelming. Dresses, accessories, hair, makeup… And now you have to pick a stage/Instagram name? Well, not necessarily. I’ve spoken to a few New Zealand honeys who use pinup names and some who don’t, and here’s what they had to say about […]

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Björk Is a Björk-Moth Reminiscing on the End of a Relationship in New “Notget” Video — Flavorwire

Björk has released a second video for her Vulnicura track “Notget.” The first was made to be a virtual reality experience, as part of Björk Digital — the artist’s touring VR exhibit of music videos from her 2015 album tracing the dissolution of her 13-year romantic partnership with Matthew Barney, maker of attractively styled, distended art films…

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