A Year in Pin Up – 2017

Time for the annual best-of list. So here are the highlights for our 2017 Year in Pin Up.

Week. By. Week

Week 1: January 1-7

The week we learned about the man-eating singing mermaids musical film. #swoon

Week 2: January 8-14


This photo of Gypsy Rose Lee. Well, it was her birthday…..

Week 3: January 15-21

The week more than 3 million women around the U.S. marched against racism, sexism and bigotry.

Week 4: January 22-28


The week we lost Mary Tyler Moore. RIP.

Week 5: January 29-February 4


The week of Bang Bang Von Loola’s pirate adventures.

Week 6: February 5-11


That week of Mainbocher …


…and screenings in Illinois

Week 7: February 12-18

Circa 1950s. From vintagegal.tumblr.com.

Circa 1950s. From vintagegal.tumblr.com.

That week we sealed everything with a kiss.

Week 8: February 19-25

The week of Amazon Barbie.

Week 9: February 26-March 4

That week we worshiped Janelle Monae’s panniers.

And Emma Stone’s fringe.

Week 10: March 5-11

That week we were all about lifting women up.

Week 11: March 12-18

Our director with Ginger Rose.

The week of the screening in NoCo.

Week 12: March 19-25

Lauren Dukoff for Harper’s Bazaar.

That week we said sexiness comes from confidence.


Week 13: March 26-April 1

Miss Dotty DeMure by by JRM Photography (left) and Jill Kerswill Photography (right) via the Nylon Swish.

The week we put on our stockings.

Week 14: April 2-8

The week we discovered the Old Milwaukee pin up beer cans.

Week 15: April 9-15

The week we discovered burlesque mermaids.

Week 16: April 16-22


That week we were all about gender bending.

Because, makeup.


And princess dresses.

Oh, and tattoos.

Week 17: April 22-29

That week we closed out a film festival.

And won best documentary


Week 18: April 30-May 6

Rita Ora. Benjamin Norman for The New York Times

The week we swooned over this.

Oh, and did a little thing called a podcast….

Week 19: May 7-13


Bellocq. It was always Bellocq.

Week 20: May 14-20

Whitney Bell’s show “I Didn’t Ask For This: A Lifetime of Dick Pics.” Photo by Michael Mendoza for Vice.

The week of dick pics.

Week 21: May 21-27

A scene from a vigil outside the Town Hall in Manchester, England, on May 23.
Leon Neal/Getty Images

The week Ariana Grande became an unintentional symbol for people attempting to shut down the voices and empowerment of girls and young women.

We still ache for Manchester.

Week 22: May 28-June 3

Did you really need to ask?

Week 23: June 4-10

I still say the shorts would look hella better with flip flops.

Week 24: June 11-17

Angelique Noire by Tibrina Hobson/Getty

That week we celebrated black pin ups.

Week 25: June 18-24

The week boys at Exeter protested their uniforms…. by wearing skirts.

Week 26: June 25-July 1


Le clitoris – Animated Documentary (2016) from Lori Malépart-Traversy on Vimeo.

The week we discovered Le Clitoris

Week 27: July 2-8

The week we went vintage for July 4th.

Week 28: July 9-15

The week we saw I Love Lucy in color.

Week 29: July 16-22

June Rivas dressed in cosplay after her boss told her a headscarf and ponytail were “unprofessional.”

Because we’re all about cosplay… and fighting back against the system.

Week 30: July 23-29

When we met the Rolling Stones.

Week 31: July 30-August 5

Rose McGowan. Betty Boop. This made our week.

Week 32: August 6-12

Ashley Graham as seen in the New Yorker.

Two words: Ashley Graham.

Week 33: August 13-19

The back end of the pages and media files for the interactive online documentary for Pin Up! The Movie.

The week we launched our interactive documentary.

Week 34: August 20-26

Selena Gomez’s BTS of Fetish really caught your eye.

Week 35: August 27-September 2

Meet the LadyByrds. Girl band. Topless. #firsts

Week 36: September 3-9

*sigh* Paris Blues. With Louis Armstrong, Sydney Poitier and Paul Newman.

Week 37: September 10-16

Weegee (Arthur Fellig)/International Center of Photography via Getty Images)

Weegee + movie theaters + infrared + 1940s = photographic gold.

Week 38: September 17-23

Al Brule, September 1941

We KNEW you really liked #CalendarWednesday.

Week 39: September 24-30

Ernest Chiriaka 1954

Like really really liked Calendar Wednesday.

Week 40: October 1-7

THIS. From AJ+ on Facebook.

Week 41: October 8-14

Courtesy Messy Nessy Chic.

The week of Friday the 13th. During October. And five places where you don’t want to get stuck.

Week 42: October 14-21

Melanie Greensmith of Wheels and Dollbaby. Photo: Steven Siewert

The week Wheels and Dollbaby called it quits.

Week 43: October 22-28

Carrie Fisher. The Last Jedi. Why General Leia is important. #imnotcryingyourecrying

Week 44: October 29-November 4

This seasonal gif.

Week 45: November 5-11

The week we celebrated Veteran’s Day, and remembered the women who served in the US Navy as WAVES.

Week 46: November 12-18

Esther García López / TetraTheRipper

The week we were reminded why it’s so important for an artist to get credit for her work.

Week 47: November 19-25

Because who doesn’t need Prince roller skates?

Week 48: November 26-December 2

Rita Heyworth. The Bee Gees. ‘Nuf said.

Week 49: December 3-9

Just watch. It’s mesmerizing.

Week 50: December 10-16

Meet the girl behind Alice in Wonderland.

Week 51: December 17-23

I’m looking for the sequel: revenge of the model.

Week 52: December 24-30

That week we (FINALLY) released our “Girls Like That” music video.














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