A Year in Pin Up – 2017

Time for the annual best-of list. So here are the highlights for our 2017 Year in Pin Up.

Week. By. Week

Week 1: January 1-7

The week we learned about the man-eating singing mermaids musical film. #swoon

Week 2: January 8-14


This photo of Gypsy Rose Lee. Well, it was her birthday…..

Week 3: January 15-21

The week more than 3 million women around the U.S. marched against racism, sexism and bigotry.

Week 4: January 22-28


The week we lost Mary Tyler Moore. RIP.

Week 5: January 29-February 4


The week of Bang Bang Von Loola’s pirate adventures.

Week 6: February 5-11


That week of Mainbocher …


…and screenings in Illinois

Week 7: February 12-18

Circa 1950s. From vintagegal.tumblr.com.

Circa 1950s. From vintagegal.tumblr.com.

That week we sealed everything with a kiss.

Week 8: February 19-25

The week of Amazon Barbie.

Week 9: February 26-March 4

That week we worshiped Janelle Monae’s panniers.

And Emma Stone’s fringe.

Week 10: March 5-11

That week we were all about lifting women up.

Week 11: March 12-18

Our director with Ginger Rose.

The week of the screening in NoCo.

Week 12: March 19-25

Lauren Dukoff for Harper’s Bazaar.

That week we said sexiness comes from confidence.


Week 13: March 26-April 1

Miss Dotty DeMure by by JRM Photography (left) and Jill Kerswill Photography (right) via the Nylon Swish.

The week we put on our stockings.

Week 14: April 2-8

The week we discovered the Old Milwaukee pin up beer cans.

Week 15: April 9-15

The week we discovered burlesque mermaids.

Week 16: April 16-22


That week we were all about gender bending.

Because, makeup.


And princess dresses.

Oh, and tattoos.

Week 17: April 22-29

That week we closed out a film festival.

And won best documentary


Week 18: April 30-May 6

Rita Ora. Benjamin Norman for The New York Times

The week we swooned over this.

Oh, and did a little thing called a podcast….

Week 19: May 7-13


Bellocq. It was always Bellocq.

Week 20: May 14-20

Whitney Bell’s show “I Didn’t Ask For This: A Lifetime of Dick Pics.” Photo by Michael Mendoza for Vice.

The week of dick pics.

Week 21: May 21-27

A scene from a vigil outside the Town Hall in Manchester, England, on May 23.
Leon Neal/Getty Images

The week Ariana Grande became an unintentional symbol for people attempting to shut down the voices and empowerment of girls and young women.

We still ache for Manchester.

Week 22: May 28-June 3

Did you really need to ask?

Week 23: June 4-10

I still say the shorts would look hella better with flip flops.

Week 24: June 11-17

Angelique Noire by Tibrina Hobson/Getty

That week we celebrated black pin ups.

Week 25: June 18-24

The week boys at Exeter protested their uniforms…. by wearing skirts.

Week 26: June 25-July 1


Le clitoris – Animated Documentary (2016) from Lori Malépart-Traversy on Vimeo.

The week we discovered Le Clitoris

Week 27: July 2-8

The week we went vintage for July 4th.

Week 28: July 9-15

The week we saw I Love Lucy in color.

Week 29: July 16-22

June Rivas dressed in cosplay after her boss told her a headscarf and ponytail were “unprofessional.”

Because we’re all about cosplay… and fighting back against the system.

Week 30: July 23-29

When we met the Rolling Stones.

Week 31: July 30-August 5

Rose McGowan. Betty Boop. This made our week.

Week 32: August 6-12

Ashley Graham as seen in the New Yorker.

Two words: Ashley Graham.

Week 33: August 13-19

The back end of the pages and media files for the interactive online documentary for Pin Up! The Movie.

The week we launched our interactive documentary.

Week 34: August 20-26

Selena Gomez’s BTS of Fetish really caught your eye.

Week 35: August 27-September 2

Meet the LadyByrds. Girl band. Topless. #firsts

Week 36: September 3-9

*sigh* Paris Blues. With Louis Armstrong, Sydney Poitier and Paul Newman.

Week 37: September 10-16

Weegee (Arthur Fellig)/International Center of Photography via Getty Images)

Weegee + movie theaters + infrared + 1940s = photographic gold.

Week 38: September 17-23

Al Brule, September 1941

We KNEW you really liked #CalendarWednesday.

Week 39: September 24-30

Ernest Chiriaka 1954

Like really really liked Calendar Wednesday.

Week 40: October 1-7

THIS. From AJ+ on Facebook.

Week 41: October 8-14

Courtesy Messy Nessy Chic.

The week of Friday the 13th. During October. And five places where you don’t want to get stuck.

Week 42: October 14-21

Melanie Greensmith of Wheels and Dollbaby. Photo: Steven Siewert

The week Wheels and Dollbaby called it quits.

Week 43: October 22-28

Carrie Fisher. The Last Jedi. Why General Leia is important. #imnotcryingyourecrying

Week 44: October 29-November 4

This seasonal gif.

Week 45: November 5-11

The week we celebrated Veteran’s Day, and remembered the women who served in the US Navy as WAVES.

Week 46: November 12-18

Esther García López / TetraTheRipper

The week we were reminded why it’s so important for an artist to get credit for her work.

Week 47: November 19-25

Because who doesn’t need Prince roller skates?

Week 48: November 26-December 2

Rita Heyworth. The Bee Gees. ‘Nuf said.

Week 49: December 3-9

Just watch. It’s mesmerizing.

Week 50: December 10-16

Meet the girl behind Alice in Wonderland.

Week 51: December 17-23

I’m looking for the sequel: revenge of the model.

Week 52: December 24-30

That week we (FINALLY) released our “Girls Like That” music video.














A Year in Pin Up 2016

Time for the annual best-of list. So here are the highlights for our 2016 Year in Pin Up.

Week. By. Week.

Week 1: January 1-7


The week we started our Instagram casting call for features in our interactive documentary.

Week 2: January 8-14

Some of pin ups (and director Kathleen Ryan and Producer David Staton) at the Albuquerque Film Festival

Some of pin ups (and director Kathleen Ryan and Producer David Staton) at the Albuquerque Film Festival

File this one under film festivals. Albuquerque Film Festival and Comic Con. Good times.

Week 3: January 15-22



Week 4: January 22-27


Our kind of Super Bowl.

Week 5: January 28-February 3


This GIF.

Week 6: February 4-10

Director Kathleen M. Ryan by Sheila Broderick Photography.

Director Kathleen M. Ryan by Sheila Broderick Photography.

A feature about the film in the University of Oregon Alumni Magazine. Love it!

Week 7: February 11-17


Did you see us at the Dirty Show?

Week 8: February 18-24


Pin up knows no age boundaries. Via Sabine Reichel and Beate Pilgreen

Week 9: February 25-March 3

From top left: Pinup Sunshine, Ria Fend, Serenity Pinup and Kitty Mansfield, our February i-doc winners.

From top left: Pinup Sunshine, Ria Fend, Serenity Pinup and Kitty Mansfield, our February i-doc winners.

That time we had four winners in our Instagram #iwannabeastar contest. Yes, it was that close.

Week 10: March 4-10


That week we went viral.

Week 11: March 11-17


The last of our Kickstarter premiums went out to their homes. The house seemed so much emptier.

Week 12: March 18-24


That dance. From the classic Metropolis.

Week 13: March 25-31

2016-04-30 15.58.12

Ethnografilm in Paris. Ooh la la.

2016-04-30 15.57.58

Week 14: April 1-7

2016-04-09 09.35.47

The week Scarlette Saint Clair SMASHED our previous Instagram voting records.

Week 15: April 8-14

2016-04-10 01.11.43

Palm Beach International Film Festival with Art of the Pin Up Girl.

2016-04-10 11.39.25-1

Week 16: April 15-21

2016-04-30 15.56.28

Viva Las Vegas. Oh, and we met Elvis too.

2016-04-30 15.56.18

Week 17 April 22-28


That week we went viral. Again.

Week 18: April 29-May 5


RIP Prince. This GIF helped us remember everything we loved about you.

Week 19: May 6-12

2016-05-09 10.31.01

Scarlette only held her crown for a few weeks when Fifi Von Tassel stole it away. Most Instragram votes in a week for our #IWannaBeAStar contest. At least to date…

Week 20: May 13-19

Screenshot 2016-05-22 18.44.57

That time we shot a music video and this happened.

Week 21: May 20-26

Screenshot 2016-05-22 18.45.27

This photo. #ALeagueofTheirOwn #RubyRydell

Week 22: May 27-June 2


That week we started crowdfunding on Marilyn’s birthday.

Week 23: June 3-9

Girls Like That (Pin Up 6) Teaser from TaylorCatProductions on Vimeo.

“Girls Like Us” teaser, part one. Full music video coming soon. We swear.

Week 24: June 10-16

Cafe Racer, 1960s.

Cafe Racer, 1960s.

Bad ass women on motorcycles. Via Dangerous Minds.

Week 25: June 17-23

Girls Like That (Pin Up 6) Teaser (the Car Show Version) from TaylorCatProductions on Vimeo.

More shenanigans. Yes, yes, we know…

Week 26: June 24- 30

The Millie Michelle from TaylorCatProductions on Vimeo.

The week we introduced one of our i-doc stars, The Millie Michelle.

Week 27: July 1-7


We had NO IDEA we were screening in India as part of Ethnografilm… until we saw this news story.

Week 28: July 8-14

screenshot-2016-12-24-15-29-55 screenshot-2016-12-24-15-30-03

The week we got listed at a highlight at Comic Con by the Huffington Post.

Week 29: July 15-21

By Frank Larson

By Frank Larson

The treasure trove of photos of New York in the 1950s… found in an attic. By Frank Larson, courtesy Creative Boom

Week 30: July 22-28

Photo by Michael Dooley

Photo by Michael Dooley

COMIC CON!!!!  Post-screening panel with photographer Mitzi Valenzuela and models Bang Bang Von Loola, Sydney Ralston, and Ashleeta in front of director Kathleen Ryan.

Week 31: July 29-August 4

Miss Merry Lou, #iwannabeastar finalist

Miss Merry Lou, #iwannabeastar finalist

The #iwannabeastar contestant who BLEW UP Facebook. Maybe we should make room for her in the film?

Week 32: August 5-11


Alberto Vargas calendar girl, c. 1948.

Week 33: August 12-18


Yes, please.

Week 34: August 19-25


The week we got some British sexiness at Sexhibition.

Week 35: August 26-September 1


The modern child as a Dutch Masters painting. Via Imagur.


Oh, and the whole burkini-ban/indecency thing. Via PBS.

Week 36: September 2-8


The week we screened at Woodstock.

Week 37: September 9-15


Rosie at 95. Via People Magazine.

Week 38: September 16-22

The week Ruby’s Musings video blogged for us up and down the California Coast.

Week 39: September 23-29


We shared a number of photos from the 1940s World Fair via the New York Public Library this year, wrapping up with this one of the Prettiest Leg Contest.

Week 40: September 30-October 6


Photo by Kevin Owens Imagery.

Sami Lee Schaefer, who turned into a good friend and a great interview. Our September #iwannabeastar winner.

Week 41: October 7-13


Halloween. Horror movie GIF style.

Week 42: October 14-20


By OC Wonderland Studios

Halloween. K Von Spun Style

Week 43: October 21-27


Halloween. Vintage style.

Week 44: October 28-November 3


Halloween.  Catwoman style.

Week 45: November 4-10


When pin ups came together in the wake of the US election to fight racism, sexism and biogtry. Don’t let the 1960s-era photo fool you.. these gals are standing for their rights, and are looking good doing it.

Week 46: November 11-17


Words to live by. Via Undocumedia.

Week 47: November 18-24


Bill Randall, November 1959 calendar.  Go, Team!

Week 48: November 25-December 1


RIP Mrs. Brady. You know Florence Henderson was a ’50s pin up before she became “a lovely lady,” right?

Week 49: December 2-8


The weekend our Seed&Spark backer Christian D. Orr and his date Nicol went to the 1940s Ball. Thanks to Sheila Broderick Photography and Cha Cha Romero for making the night magical.

Week 50: December 9-13


Our #BestNine via Instagram.

Week 51: December 14-20

A Christmas Twist. Thanks, Si Cranstoun.

Week 52: December 21-31

LOS ANGELES, CA - JANUARY 25: Actresses Debbie Reynolds (L) and Carrie Fisher pose in the press room at the 21st Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards at The Shrine Auditorium on January 25, 2015 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic)

LOS ANGELES, CA – JANUARY 25: Actresses Debbie Reynolds (L) and Carrie Fisher pose in the press room at the 21st Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards at The Shrine Auditorium on January 25, 2015 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic)

On Tuesday December 27th actress Carrie Fisher died. Her mother, Debbie Reynolds, posted this on Facebook:

Thank you to everyone who has embraced the gifts and talents of my beloved and amazing daughter. I am grateful for your thoughts and prayers that are now guiding her to her next stop. Love Carries Mother

Just over 24 hours later, Reynolds died after suffering a stroke. She was 84.

I’ll always remember her in one of my favorite films, Singing in the Rain. A even though this year had some brutal twists and turns, this clip from the movie gives me the strength to enter 2017 with optimism. Thank you, Carrie’s Mother, for sharing your gift with us.

We’ll see you in 2017.

The 2016 Girl Power List

Look 2016 has been a godawful year.

I’ve been posting the last few days about the amazing people we’ve lost in 2016, from music to film to fashion and art.

But I thought today I’d like to offer some optimism. Here are the women (and some men) that came across my radar as people I really admire.

January – Billie Allen

 Billie Allen, one of the first black performers with a recurring network TV role, in 1955 on “The Phil Silvers Show,” with from left, Elisabeth Fraser, Barbara Berry, Midge Ware and Fay Morley. Credit CBS Photo Archive, via Getty Images

Billie Allen, one of the first black performers with a recurring network TV role, in 1955 on “The Phil Silvers Show,” with from left, Elisabeth Fraser, Barbara Berry, Midge Ware and Fay Morley. Credit CBS Photo Archive, via Getty Images

We talked about her earlier this year, but if you don’t recall, Billie Allen was one of the first regular African American cast members in television in the 1950s. She died December 30, 2015, but her death wasn’t reported until nearly two weeks later. I’m a total media history buff, and I wasn’t aware of her contributions. Because she died in 2015, she’s also missing from many of 2016’s year’s end lists. And that’s a travesty.

Television viewers, at least those who don’t tune out their minds during commercials, are now beginning to learn that Negroes can worry about dentures, dishpan hands and bad breath just as everyone else in TV land seems to.

-The New York Times report in a 1968 article that featured Ms. Allen

February – Jenny Beavan


The Mad Max costumer won her second Oscar in January, and didn’t conform to the standard awards show garb. And the reaction from the mostly male audience to this proudly middle-aged woman dressed for comfort (and in homage to her film) ended up going viral.

The only thing I would like is for my outfit to have a positive effect on what women feel about themselves. You don’t actually have to look like a supermodel to be successful. If that could be a takeaway, I think that would be a good thing. It is really good to have a positive feeling about yourself, because then you can do anything. People don’t have to clap for you; they don’t have to like the work.

-Jenny Beavan in The Hollywood Reporter

March – Kathryn Borel


The ex-Canadian Broadcasting Corporation staffer was the first woman to accuse her boss Jian Ghomeshi of sexual harassment (20 women eventually would also accuse him). The charges by the other women ended up in an acquittal in March, but Borel nonetheless stood by her guns and Ghomeshi ended up issuing a public “peace bond” and apology in May. And Borel ended up getting the last word, becoming feminist hero in Canada in the process.

When it was presented to me that the defense would be offering us an apology, I was prepared to forego the trial. It seemed like the clearest path to the truth. A trial would have maintained his lie and would have further subjected me to the very same pattern of abuse that I am currently trying to stop.

-Kathryn Borel, statement at Toronto City Hall

April -Beyoncé


A force of nature. I still can’t stop watching “Formation” but the whole visual album was an amazing commentary on race and gender in the 21st century.

Always stay gracious, best revenge is your paper.

-Beyoncé in Lemonade

May – Elaine Welteroth


Welteroth was named editor of Teen Vogue in May, and the 29-year-old immediately began transforming the fashion magazine into a smart, politically active, must-read. And she’s an advocate for everyone (including her staff) becoming “woke.” Follow her Twitter and Instagram – she’s also an advocate for her staff’s work in the Teen Vogue transformation.

We must make our content matter to our readers.

-Elaine Welteroth in a panel with Women in Communication

June – Lin-Manuel Miranda.

The Hamiton creator offered possibly the best awards acceptance speech ever.

And love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love.

-Lin-Manuel Miranda Tony acceptance speech

July -Ieshia Evans

Jonathan Bachman for Reuters

Jonathan Bachman for Reuters

Evans was arrested for protesting police shootings, including Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge, in July. Her calm in the face of the police in riot gear is iconic.

Sometimes, jobs are given to you … that you didn’t really apply for. We don’t have to beg to matter. We do matter.

-Ieshia Evans to CBS This Morning

August – Simone Biles


The most decorated American woman’s gymnast in history. And just all-around amazing.

I’d rather regret the risks that didn’t work out than the chances I didn’t take at all.

-Simon Biles Tweet

September -Jeffrey Tambor and Jill Solloway

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Stephen Lovekin/REX/Shutterstock (5899059w) Jill Soloway and Jeffrey Tambor 68th Primetime Emmy Awards, Press Room, Los Angeles, USA - 18 Sep 2016

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Stephen Lovekin/REX/Shutterstock (5899059w)
Jill Soloway and Jeffrey Tambor
68th Primetime Emmy Awards, Press Room, Los Angeles, USA – 18 Sep 2016

The Amazon comedy “Transparent” took away multiple awards at this year’s Emmy’s, including lead actor (Tambor) and director for a comedy (Solloway). The show is revolutionary, with a woman as show runner (a rare breed in Hollywood) and Tambor (a straight man) playing a transgender character.

So both used their platform as a call for action.

Please give transgender talent a chance. Give them auditions. Give them their story.

-Jeffrey Tambor, Emmy acceptance speech

Topple the patriarchy.

-Jill Solloway, Emmy acceptance speech

October – Kelly Oxford

Kelly Oxford, Getty Images

Kelly Oxford, Getty Images

When the infamous Donald Trump Access Hollywood hot-mic tape went public, Oxford didn’t just get mad. She sent out a tweet asking other women to share their stories of sexual harassment. 9 million plus stories later, she’s helping women say publicly that sexual assault is #notokay.

Women: tweet me your first assaults. they aren’t just stats. I’ll go first: Old man on city bus grabs my “pussy” and smiles at me, I’m 12.

-Kelly Oxford in a Tweet

November – Megyn Kelly

Courtesy Fox News

Courtesy Fox News

The anchor accused her former Fox News boss Roger Ailes of sexual harassment in her autobiography, following in footsteps of co-worker Gretchen Carlson, who sued Fox over the summer. But what made Kelly’s accusations so powerful to me is that she admits that she is in a position of power in relation to other women on the staff – and needed to step up. That’s feminism – realizing that your experience isn’t the same as everyone else’s and understanding when you come from a position of privilege.

Crossing him was a major risk. But what if—God forbid—he was still doing it to someone?

Megan Kelly in “Settle for More.”

December – Michelle Obama

CBS News

CBS News

The First Lady’s much-hyped interview with Oprah Winfrey was elegant and thoughtful, and even though the headlines tried to sensationalize her “not having hope” comment, what she actually said attempted to show that both sides in this highly divisive political season in the US aren’t that far apart. And that not having hoping is a thing we need to overcome together.

My desire for this country is that we remain hopeful and that we find a place in our hearts to love each other. It’s really simple, you know? Just opening up our hearts to others. Making room.

-Michele Obama to Oprah Winfrey on CBS News

A Year in Pin Up

It’s that time of year… year end best-ofs and whatnot. So here are my highlights for 2015 in a year of pin up.

Week. By. Week.

Week 1: January 1-8


Starting with (vintage) spice by Enoch Bolles.

Week 2: January 9-15


RIP Anita Ekberg.

Week 3 January 16-22


What we think looks good. Oh how things have changed over a century. Via Greatist.

Week 4 January 23-29

Moore 1947 GAPU

Earl Moran.

Week 5 January 30-Februray 5


The film became a part of the Instagram world on February 5th. Just 10 months later and we have nearly 3000 followers. Amazing.

Week 6 February 6-12



Week 7 February 13-19


This kitchen that time forgot. Via Bored Panda.

Week 8 February 20-26


If only we were living in Minnesota. And had a spare $1.2 million.


This gem was up for sale in Februrary. More photos in the link.

Week 9 February 27-March 5


Cue the Tara theme. An interview with Olivia de Havilland.

Week 10 March 6-12


Calendar Wednesday is one of our favorite days of the week. This 1953 contribution is by J. Frederick Smith.

Week 11 March 13-19


Whipped Cream and Other Delights. Delores Erickson remembers.

Week 12 March 20-26


Modern Vintage Prom.

Week 13 March 27-April 2


Too bad it never came to fruition. #TooMuchMoney

Week 14 April 3-9

April 2015 Regular Issue Tear Sheets10

That time we appeared as a feature in Delicious Dolls.

Week 15 April 10-16

Time Warp Wives: taking vintage appreciation to a whole other level.

Week 16 April 17-23

Mrs. McElroy, a civil service employee at the Naval Air Base, Corpus Christi, Texas, paints the American insignia on airplane wings. August 1942.

Mrs. McElroy, a civil service employee at the Naval Air Base, Corpus Christi, Texas, paints the American insignia on airplane wings. August 1942.

FSA images from the Library of Congress.

Week 17 April 24-30


The revolutionary comedy of Lucille Ball.

Week 18 May 1-7

Dapper Dan Doll, photographed by Iman Woods.

Dapper Dan Doll, photographed by Iman Woods.

Bang Bang Von Loola, photographed by Sheila Broderick Photography

Bang Bang Von Loola, photographed by Sheila Broderick Photography

Ashleeta, photographed by Mitzi and Co. Photography.

Ashleeta, photographed by Mitzi and Co. Photography.

Posters. Posters. Posters.

Week 19 May 8-14

Supergirl. #girlpower

Week 20 May 15-21

Pin Up! The Movie Trailer May 2015 from TaylorCatProductions on Vimeo.

Our Trailer.

Week 21 May 22-28

Tiny hamster tiki party. My life may be complete.

Week 22 May 29-June 4


Call me Caitlyn. Annie Leibowitz at her pin up finest. Via Vanity Fair.

Week 23 June 5-11

1955. Getty.

1955. Getty.


Week 24 June 12-18


The 1940s Ball.

Week 25 June 19-25

Stephanie Blake

Stephanie Blake

You’re never too old for burlesque.  Photo series of aging burlesque performers by photographer Marie Baronnet.

Week 26 June 26-July 2

Screenshot 2015-12-17 18.58.10

You’re a wonder, Wonder Woman.

Week 27 July 3-9

Miss Rockwell De Vil photographed by Mitzi & Co. She's wearing a corset by What Katie Did.

Miss Rockwell De Vil photographed by Mitzi & Co. She’s wearing a corset by What Katie Did.

Patriotic pin ups.

Week 28 July 10-16


We begin sharing #PinUpWisdom.

Week 29 July 11-23


These photographs are amazing. Military men who lost their limbs in war, photographed by Michael Stokes.

Week 30 July 24-30


The time a teacher resigned from her job after performing burlesque under a stage name on her own time.

Week 31 July 31-August 6


RIP Bo Huff.

Week 32 August 7-13


Underwater pin up photo shoot circa 1938. By Bruce Mozert as seen in The Guardian.

Week 33 August 14-20


Barb Wire by Adam Hughes. Me-ow.

Week 34 August 21-27

ywipuWe debut our weekly feature Your Week in Pin Up on August 24th.

Week 35 August 28-September 3


Our fabulous partnership with Pinups and Kustoms started this week with a lovely feature on the film.

Week 36 September 4-10

One of our Directed by Women viewing recommendations.

One of our Directed by Women viewing recommendations.

We were the partners on the first ever Directed by Women global viewing party offering all sorts of female-helmed film suggestions. No reason to limit it to just September!

Week 37 September 11-17


The week we reached “Disney Princess as…” overload. Enough already.

Week 38 September 18-24


The 20th anniversary of Showgirls. NSFW

Week 39 September 25-October 1


I guess you were getting into the Halloween spirit with your love for these slasher pin ups by British artist Karl Von Frankenstein.

Week 40 October 2-8

CROg5MyWEAAtbmSThe lovely Ria Fend by Dollhouse Photo. It’s all roses.

Week 41 October 9-15


This GIF. *swoon*

Week 42 October 16-22

Left, Millie Michelle. Right: Ruby Jo Star.

Left, Millie Michelle. Right: Ruby Jo Star.

Joker’s Wild winners. They’re part of our deck of pin up playing cards (subtle plug: available for sale on our website).

Week 43 October 23-29


Apparently tweeting about blogging about social media gets one lots of attention on social media. #navelgazing

Week 44 October 30-November 5

From left: Mitzi Valenzuela, Ashleeta, Bang Bang Von Loola, Miss Emilie, Leslye Rox, Miss Rockwell De Vil and Sydney Ralston (with slurpee).

From left: Mitzi Valenzuela, Ashleeta, Bang Bang Von Loola, Miss Emilie, Leslye Rox, Miss Rockwell De Vil and Sydney Ralston (with slurpee).

World premiere of PUTM on November 5th!!!!!

Calendar Girls (Pin Up 5) from TaylorCatProductions on Vimeo.

Plus the debut of the video for our collaboration with Devin “Gatsby” James and JCA Beats Productions, Calendar Girls (Pin Up 5) earlier in the week on November 3rd.

Week 45 November 6-12

The gals at the after party.

The gals at the after party.

Uhm, party? World premieres are FUN.

Bang Bang Von Loola at our after party.

Bang Bang Von Loola at our after party.

Miss Maxi Millions at our after party.

Miss Maxi Millions at our after party.

Ruby Champagne at our after party.

Ruby Champagne at our after party.

Week 46 November 13-19

Screenshot 2015-12-17 09.42.30

Kickstarter Funded (insert sigh of relief). And on Friday the 13th!


Week 47 November 20-26

View at Medium.com

I moved from thinking about writing a piece on Medium to actually publishing one. If you haven’t read Are Pin Ups Feminist? Why Yes, Yes They Are
then check it out.

Week 48 November 27-December 3

Screenshot 2015-12-17 12.05.39

Our friend Kat Stroud’s piece on being a “fat” wife absolutely BLEW UP. Kuddos, friend, kuddos.

Week 49 December 4-10


This GIF.

Week 50 December 11-17

Pinup Little Bit by Mitzi and Co. Photography

Pinup Little Bit by Mitzi and Co. Photography

If you haven’t already read our MOST POPULAR BLOG POST EVER, Seven Beauty Truths I Learned From Pin Ups, check it out now.

Week 51 December 18-24

SammieMariePinupGirlMiss Sammie Marie got a lot of pushback for this image by Rosewood Photography. I just think it’s gorgeous.

Week 52 December 25-31


This gif.