Your Week in Pin Up, Issue 61: The Labor Day Edition

4 September 2017

We’re Working Hard Over Here

Back to School with Grace Hopper

We’re in New England this week, and loving it that Yale renamed one of its colleges after Grace Hopper, the former Navy WAVE who was also a pioneer in STEM careers for women.


The Club We Wish We Were At This Weekend


From Paris Blues with Louis Armstrong, Paul Newman, and Sydney Poitier.

We Wanna Dress Like Elvira

And now we can, thanks to this new collaboration with Pin Up Girl Clothing.

Just in time for the witching month.

Meet the Ladybirds

That all-female topless band you forgot about.

This. GIF.



Your Week in Pin Up Issue 59: The Holy #*)! Edition

21 August 2017

OK, So We Were Neglecting You a Bit….

When You Check Your Facebook Insights for the First Time in a Month or So

I guess that’s what the kids call going viral. Thanks everyone for the shares.

Remembering the King

Elvis Presley died 40 years ago this month.

That Post World War II-era Video Condemning Bigotry and Fascism

Because those who don’t learn from the past are condemned to repeat it.

Vintage Disneyland

Walt Disney enjoys a moment with his grandson at one of Disneyland’s food stands. Circa 1955. Gene Lester/Getty Images


People rest and grab a bite to eat at Tomorrowland’s Space Port during the opening day festivities. Loomis Dean/The LIFE Picture Collection via Getty Images


Cups and saucers filled with children spin at the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party attraction in the Fantasyland portion of the park on opening day. Loomis Dean/The LIFE Picture Collection via Getty Images

Via All That Is Interesting.

This. GIF.






July 4th, Pin Ups and Beer

KPC News did a story the other day called “Red, White, and Beer” where Matt Thomas, the craft beer specialist at Gay’s Hops-N-Schnapps, talked about the link between pin up iconography and American craft beer.


Old Milwaukee’s patriotic pin up can.


Guys, you totally missed an opportunity.


Bombshell Blonde Ale from Southern Star Brewery.

So, I decided to remedy that situation. You know from following us that we’re big fans of beer pin up art.

Acme Pale Ale from North Coast Brewing

Because what says patriotism more that a pin up beer….


Dominion Brewing’s Morning Glory Espresso Stout and Double D Double IPA.

… or cider?

McKenzie’s Crossfit Cider.


You’re welcome.

Stumptown Tart from Bridgeport Brewing.

So if you’re having a beer this Independence Day, make sure it’s a patriotic pin up one. For the troops. Or something.

Centennial’s All American Red Ale.



Your Week In Pin Up Issue 57: The Holiday Weekend Edition

3 June 2017

We’re All About the Fireworks

Editing, Editing, Editing

We’re using this “Coming Soon” card for pages that are under construction.

We’ve got about 20 of the video stories for the i-doc completed and expect to have the initial site launch in the next week or so.

Fingers crossed.

Now Back to Your Regularly Scheduled Update

Via PopSugar

Or, magnetic eye lashes. Yes, this is a thing.

Age is Only a Number, Part 1.

Dance like no one is looking.

Age is Only a Number, Part 2.

Pin up looks good at any age… even in these “what if” images.

Age is Only a Number, Part 3.

I’m hoping I look as good at 100 as the Pignaton twins.

This. GIF.







Your Week in Pin Up Issue 56: The Traveling Edition

26 June 2017

Losing Track of Time and Catching Up

Our Public Service Announcement

Le clitoris – Animated Documentary (2016) from Lori Malépart-Traversy on Vimeo.

Via the amazeballs Lori Malépart-Traversy. Must see.

Too Fat. Too Slutty. Too Loud.

I’m not a big fan of Anne Helen Peterson’s writing style at times, but she does say what I’m thinking. And her new book kind of sums up the conundrum facing women in contemporary culture.

Maybe we’re just too female???

Not Forgetting.

And the Hello Beautiful article included our bae Ashleeta!

Repeat after me: pin up isn’t white.

Thank you.

Our Public Service Announcement, Part Dueux

No, Betty White wasn’t that blonde bombshell. That would be Betty Brosmer.

This is Betty White in her youth. Still a bombshell.

This. GIF.







This is a repost of a blog from 2011 on our sister project, Hinges of History.

The World War II-era pin-up art is quite amazing. It’s no surprise that scholars like Walt Reed have dubbed the era “the golden age” of the pin-up.  Think about it: pin-ups were everywhere, from magazines like Esquire to the noses of planes to even personal snapshots (check out our friend Maria Elena Buzek’s fascinating book Pin-Up Grrls for a discussion of that phenomena). The director’s mother – the WAVE who inspired this project – had a collection of drawings she did during the war era of women in pin-up guise. They were everywhere.

This is a recruitment poster for the WAVES and SPARs done by pin-up artist George Petty. Petty was the “establishment” when it came to pin-ups – he pretty much created the famous Esquire pin-up centerfolds. But when he left the magazine in 1940, his role was taken over by an young upstart, Antonio Vargas.  His pin-ups (dubbed “Varga Girls”) made the Petty pin-ups look tame by comparison: buxom, long legs, tiny waists – to contemporary eyes a combination of Barbie doll and Playboy centerfold.

This image came from a calendar Esquire ran during the war – which featured a WAVE-to-be. The poem alongside her reads:

I’m going to join the Navy WAVES and help the war to halt, and also show my Navy beau that I am worth my “Salt!”

Vargas also did the SPARs recruitment poster, below.

Your Week In Pin Up Issue 52: The Body Positive Edition

21 May 2017

AKA Girl Power. AKA Fourth Wave Feminism.

It’s Not Up to You to Say What Is… and Isn’t… Empowering

Dirty Martini

A former videographer in the burlesque world got a little bit of a pushback on Facebook when he tried to say that burlesque can’t be feminist and empowering because women are taking off their clothes and men look at them. Oh, and he’s protecting his six-year-old daughter.

I’m not posting the link to his page because he doesn’t need any more attention.

Me, vanquishing asshats.

But here are my main points in rebuttal:

  1. No one has any right to tell anyone else what that individual finds empowering … or not.
  2. When you say, “I like you but I can’t condone what you do” you ARE attempting to silence or shame that person.
  3. Misogyny.

(steps off soapbox, ends rant)

Speaking of Lists (steps back on soapbox)

  1. Wonder Woman is feminist.

Glad to clear that up for you. h/t Gal Gadot

BTW, Dick Pics? Isn’t that so 2012???

Quote by Simone Fiasco, from Whitney Bell’s exhibition

But at least one artist found a way to respond.

Whitney Bell’s show “I Didn’t Ask For This: A Lifetime of Dick Pics.” Photo by Michael Mendoza for Vice.

Reminder 2,822 that Beauty Knows No Age Barriers

Yazemeenah Rossi is GORGEOUS at any age (she’s 61).

This. Gif.

Artist Xaviera Lopez. CHECK OUT HER INSTAGRAM!!!




Your Week in Pin Up Issue 49: The Boyz Edition

1 May 2017

Boyz, Boyz, Boyz….

There’s something about men in makeup…

He’s a unicorn….

Even when they try that all “just pop on the lashes” thing…

Because it’s NOT. THAT. EASY.

And, Sewing…

The father who makes princess dresses.


Can’t forget John Waters

Scotch, cigars and burlesque??? Sign me up for THIS summer camp.

This. (not a) GIF.



Your Week in Pin Up, Issue 47: The I Missed a Week Edition

20 March 2017

So Sue Me. I’m Too Busy Finding Workarounds.

It’s Not PC to Argue That Everyone Has Beauty.

Lauren Dukoff for Harper’s Bazaar.

Eff you New York Post for your hateful editorial on the lovely Chrissy Metz and her gorgeous pin up shoot. Women of all shapes and sizes can actually feel beautiful in their own skin. And it doesn’t mean that you have to look like them… or even find them beautiful.

Speaking of  Beauty….
The entwined history of Latina culture and pin up.

RIP Chuck Berry.

The Shakespeare of rock and roll.

Another Week, Another Screening.

Our director with Ginger Rose.

Thanks, University of Northern Colorado!

This. GIF.

Because this is what real women do to each other.




Your Week in Pin Up Issue 44: The (insert your own title here) Edition

ywipu20 February 2017

I Think My Creativity is on Vacation.

Mark your calendars.


April, 2017. Muskogee, Oklahoma.Bare Bones International Film Festival. We’ll be there.

We NEED this doll.


Mattel’s Wonder Woman series. Just call her Amazon Barbie. Or not.

Valentine’s Day.


Circa 1950s. From

Circa 1950s. From


With a kiss. Always.

Vintage black glamour.

Florence, 1953

Florence, 1953


Darine Stern, Playboy's first African American cover girl, 1971.

Darine Stern, Playboy’s first African American cover girl, 1971.



These boots.




They’re not really made for walking.

This GIF.