Your Week in Pin Up Issue 54: The Wonder Woman Edition

5 June 2017

Hint: They’re Not All Superheroes. Or Women

OK, So We’ll Start in Themyscira

Because, Wonder Woman. But, seriously, the film also set a record as the highest single day gross for a movie directed by a woman EVER. And the biggest opening day for a female comic book superhero film. Oh, and the biggest opening weekend for a film directed by a woman.

And, according to a Forbes article Saturday morning, recapping opening day:

Fun fact, had men been barred from Wonder Woman screenings last night, the film still would have grossed more than the entire opening weekend of King Arthur: Legend of the Sword.


These Gorgeous Photos from World War II

Because men can be pin ups too.

From a new book published by Taschen.

That’s Montgomery Clift, Honey!

The amazing 1961 film The Misfits was on cable the other night. Clark Gable, Montgomery Clift, Eli Wallach, and, of course, Marilyn Monroe. I’ve loved the film since I was a kid.

The showing was part of a Turner Classics Movie Spotlight on Clark Gable, who died just days after filming completed in November 1960 at age 59. It was the last film completed by both Gable and Monroe.

BTW, TCM is featuring Audrey Hepburn Mondays and Gay Hollywood Thursdays for the entire month of June.

The Google Doodle from June 3rd

Celebrating the incomparable Josephine Baker.

This. GIF.


What is an I-Doc?

Play me a story….

We’re getting a lot of questions about what is an interactive documentary, or i-doc, since we’re in post production.

What is an Interactive Documentary? from TaylorCatProductions on Vimeo.

So we’ve made a couple of different videos.


What is an Interactive Documentary Part 2 from TaylorCatProductions on Vimeo.

Basically, an i-doc is an online video story, which has multiple components and lets the user have a high level of involvement and participation. It’s like a documentary video game. Pin Up! The Movie online will have the following components:

  • A game for first-time users to sort you into various story topics. You’ll be able to reach all of the elements of the film eventually. You’ll just start from different points – and get a log-in so that you can pick up where you left off on multiple visits.
  • Five to six major story arcs, including pin ups and beauty, subcultures, history and more.
  • Planned reveals as users work their way through the i-doc. When you make your way through certain sections, new elements are revealed.
  • A virtual make-up kit, where you can keep track of how far through the story you’ve gotten.


Screenshot 2016-05-23 21.30.50

It’s overwhelming – and very exciting. I can’t wait to see how it all develops.

Housekeeping – and a thank you

Opposite in the title, but the right way here. Thank you so much for your support of our Seed&Spark. While we fell short to make it to the next round in the #UntoldStory challenge, we nonetheless raised more that $25K in cash and in-kind loans, and had 650 followers. That means we qualify for distribution on Seed&Spark. This is HUGE.


And there are some little housekeeping things we need to do.

We ran two challenges during the Seed&Spark. We asked gals in the film as well as those who are already in the interactive documentary to help us get followers – with each getting a prize depending upon how many invites turned into actual followers. But, uhm, counting? It’s really hard to know who a follower is when the social media names doesn’t match the person’s real name. And then it’s tough to know if the person is just voting for the model, or actually started following because of the pinup.

So we’re asking the gals to take a look at the leader board, and then let us know who they invited….

I-doc stars leaderboard. The pin up with the most invites turned into Seed&Spark followers  wins a full-magazine feature in Il Bellezza

I-doc stars leaderboard. The pin up with the most follows wins a full-magazine feature in Il Bellezza


#iwannabeastar runner up leader board. The pin up with the most accepted invites on Seed&Spark wins a role in the i-doc.

#iwannabeastar runner up leader board. The pin up with the most accepted invites on Seed&Spark wins a role in the i-doc.

Results will be posted by July 31st.

We Did It (Almost)

First,  the good news. We’re fully funded at 101% of our goal on Seed& Spark. and we have 600 followers. This is fabulous. I am overwhelmed.  It means we can approach Seed&Spark and seek distribution.

Painted pin up of interactive online documentary star Kitty Mansfield, by Seed&Spark follower Petja Heiskanen, aka PinUpDrawings.

But for the bad news: unless we reach at least 250 more followers between now and 9pm PT tonight (July 1st), it’s not looking good for us to advance to the finals of the Untold Story crowdfund challenge.


The Millie Michelle, on location in Las Vegas. She’s one of the new models featured in our interactive documentary. We’re hoping to shoot on location with all of our i-doc stars.

When I first started working on this story, I never dreamed I’d still be immersed in all things pin up three years later. But what I found was simply following the fabulous ladies I met in Los Angeles and California wouldn’t fully tell the story of the modern pin up. So I began finding women in the Pacific Northwest, South and Midwest of the United States. Models from Canada, Norway, South Africa, Sweden, the UK, and Singapore. This is a global culture, and in the online interactive documentary I’m hoping to tell that story.


Bang Bang Von Loola and director Kathleen Ryan on why the interactive documentary is so important.

But here’s the problem. We have 600 followers as of right now. The top five films each have more than 900 followers. We’re not in the top ten. And Seed&Spark and Project Greenlight Digital are only advancing the top 10 films to the next round, based on followers.

We’re followers of most of these other films. We want them to do well. But also we want our fair shot.  And the potential $20K in matching funds would help me pay for music licensing for distribution, and travel to all these locations (domestic and abroad) to tell the story of the pin up.

Miss Mozzy Dee explains what Pin Up! The Movie means to her. She’s hoping for a role in the online documentary.

If each person who reads this blog followed the campaign and then helped us to find just ONE new follower, we would be well on our way to the finals. So please, in these last few hours before the Untold Story challenge ends, help us out. Any followers who join between now and 9pm PT tonight will count. And we have some great free gifts as a thanks.


Kathleen Ryan


Your Week in Pin Up Issue 37: One More Week and We’ll Be Done Crowdfunding Edition

ywipu27 June 2016

89% Funded. 400-ish Followers. This is Giving Me (more) Grey Hair.

The Burlesque Performer Who Got Turned Away at the Border


It’s a whole big story. I went through immigration and they thought I was a prostitute and that my partner was my pimp. My boyfriend was stopped and they couldn’t find anything on him, so they googled me. They found the connection between my stage name and my real name, and that started a whole five-hour process

-Agatha Frisky, Australian Burlesque performer to The West Australian

Because Burlesque and sex worker just go hand in hand.

BTW Frisky holds a Ph.D. in psychology.


Car Show Craziness

Girls Like That (Pin Up 6) Teaser (the Car Show Version) from TaylorCatProductions on Vimeo.

Our top video of the week.

The Return of the Goof Troop

Girls Like That (Pin Up 6) Teaser (the Kitty Mansfield version) from TaylorCatProductions on Vimeo.

Because, faces.

Twitter Trends

Screenshot 2016-06-26 18.30.37

It’s fascinating to see what you like.

This GIF.





Want More of This???

The Millie Michelle from TaylorCatProductions on Vimeo.

Meet The Millie Michelle. She’s one of our new i-doc stars. We had a bunch of fun following her to her favorite places in Las Vegas earlier this year. And we want to do something similar with all of the ladies featured in our online interactive documentary.

But we’re in big trouble. Big big trouble.


In this Seed&Spark crowdfunding challenge, we’ve only made it to 400+/- followers so far. We need to get to at least 500 to qualify for potential distribution and get that filmmaker gift box.

And 500 is the minimum number we need to reach to qualify for the next round of the Untold Story challenge.


However, they’re only taking the films with the greenlight (80% of funding goal reached) who also have at least 500 followers. We’re currently sitting at number 15. That means if nothing changes we won’t qualify for the chance to win $20K in matching funds. And that means our distribution is in jeopardy, at least how the film is conceived right now, because we won’t be able to afford music licensing.

This is the current list (as of 9:22pm MT 7/25):

  1. A Punk Daydream, 733 followers
  2. A Horse of a Different Color, 704 followers (hasn’t met the minimum funding requirement yet)
  3. Inner U Destroyed, 685 followers
  4. Hearts of Glass, 682 followers
  5. The Great Flip Off, 653 followers
  6. Don’t Talk About the Baby, 648 followers
  7. Shadows of the Valley, 648 followers
  8. A Queen for the People, 633 followers
  9. Love, Hate, Church & State, 624 followers
  10. Risking Light, 622 followers
  11. Time Well Spent, 618 followers
  12. Rideout, 583 followers
  13. The Ties That Bind, 580 followers
  14. Devoti Tutti, 533 followers
  15. Pin Up! The Movie, 386 followers
  16. Anti Poaching: Coastal Mozambique, 302 followers

So to be competitive? We really need at least 300 more followers. In five days.


You’ve stepped up to the plate. We’ve seen our follower numbers jump by at least 100 over the past 36 hours. But we need more.

I don’t want to slag on these other films. They’re all great stories which should be told. We’ve been promoting some of these stories. I think they’ll make great films. But so is Pin Up! The Movie. And we have a follower base on social media that’s large enough to be able to get the numbers to be not just at #10, but at #1 in the list.

Follow. Share. Help. Please.


Screenings and Travel

Yesterday was all about our feature on Colorado Public Radio. We headed down to the studios to talk about the film and our upcoming screenings.

And we did this little pre-record right before we went in.

Bang Bang Von Loola on Pin Up! The Movie from TaylorCatProductions on Vimeo.

But I thought a calendar would be interesting so you can see what we’re up to in the coming weeks and months.



  • July 9, 2pm. Tiki Kon, Portland, OR. We’ll be part of the Music and Symposium series there. Tickets ARE spendy ($63), but it includes three days of entertainment. And the screening includes a conversation with some of our behind-the-scenes crew and the models who are in our interactive documentary.
  • July 22, 7:15pm. Comic-Con International, San Diego, CA. There are two ways to see us at Comic-Con. The first is to have a badge for Comic-Con, and they’ve been sold out since last year. The second is to get our red carpet package on our Seed&Spark. You can walk the red carpet with us, plus get some drinks afterwards with the cast and crew.
  • August 21. SexhibitionUK, Manchester, England. Perfect spot. And maybe we’ll see Ria Fend there????


Location Confirmed, but No Date Yet

  • Denver, September 2016. Drive in theater screening, you say? Benefit for Pin Ups For Charity, you say? Sign us up!
  • Florida, Fall 2016. We really want to do a double date with our friend at Art of the Pin Up Girl – and they do too! We’re talking late fall or early winter because, well, we may be wanting to escape snow in our neck of the woods then!
  • St. Louis, MO, Fall 2016. We’ve got a great group of pin up gals there who are organizing to bring a screening to town.
  • Texas, Fall, 2016. We’re in talks with some friends in El Paso to have a screening there – and we hear that the movie theater is FABULOUS.
  • Sweden, July 2017. We’re working with the brains behind Pinups and Kustoms to arrange a screening or two in Scandinavia.
  • Australia, 2017. Ditto with the folks at Adore Pin Up. Can’t wait for our first trip down under!
  • Mexico, 2017. Ditto (again) with the folks at Risque Pinups. It’ll be a fiesta with car clubs and vintage fans!


We’ve also submitted to the following film festivals. This is always a crap shoot, but we HAVE had luck with the comic con genre (batting 1000, as they say in baseball).



Thank You, Part Two


Such a great surprise to see how Big House Los Angeles Entertainment Festival is sharing and promoting its past winners. Including little old us, the best documentary at Women Up Indy Film Festival.

We’re reminded of the words of Bang Bang Von Loola on something lovely happening to you (as heard in the film):

It’s always better when it’s unexpected…


And we had such a great time there we just couldn’t help sharing our world premiere red carpet photos again.

From left: Pinup Little Bit, Big House LA's Moises Granados, and Ashleeta.

From left: Pinup Little Bit, Big House LA’s Moises Granados, and Ashleeta.

From left: Mitzi Valenzuela, Ashleeta, Bang Bang Von Loola, Miss Emilie, Leslye Rox, Miss Rockwell De Vil and Sydney Ralston (with slurpee).

From left: Mitzi Valenzuela, Ashleeta, Bang Bang Von Loola, Miss Emilie, Leslye Rox, Miss Rockwell De Vil and Sydney Ralston (with slurpee).

Miss Emilie, derby girl and pin up extraordinaire.

Miss Emilie, derby girl and pin up extraordinaire.

From left: director Kathleen M. Ryan, photographer Mitzi Valenzuela and pin ups Pinup Little Bit and Erica Vaughn at our world premiere.

From left: director Kathleen M. Ryan, photographer Mitzi Valenzuela and pin ups Pinup Little Bit and Erica Vaughn at our world premiere.

Pin Up Belle Bee at the Pin Up! The Movie premiere.

Pin Up Belle Bee at the Pin Up! The Movie premiere.

From left: Ashleeta, Eva, Ziegfield Sydney Ralston, Carolin vonPetzholdt (director, "The Boom Boom Girls"), and Kathleen M. Ryan on the red carpet at Big House LA.

From left: Ashleeta, Eva, Ziegfield Sydney Ralston, Carolin vonPetzholdt (director, “The Boom Boom Girls”), and Kathleen M. Ryan on the red carpet at Big House LA.

With Mitzi & Co and some of her models at the official after party for Pin Up! The Movie.

With Mitzi & Co and some of her models at the official after party for Pin Up! The Movie.

Help us do more of this. Follow or back us on Seed & Spark.

Thank You for Your Sharing

We’re getting support from all sorts of expected and unexpected places in our crowdfunding campaign on Seed&Spark.

Like the lovely Miss MozzyDee, one of our most faithful supporters in the Land of Enchantment.

Meet Miss MozzyDee from TaylorCatProductions on Vimeo.

We can’t forget Dapper Dan Doll‘s ingenious way to get people to follow the film.

Screenshot 2016-06-22 17.52.34

Or this one from Devin “Gatsby” James, whose music you hear in the film.

And then there’s the kindness of strangeres, like the RoknBellas or The Pin Up Bible who shared our project on Facebook. Plus there are organization like RetroPinupSweden and PinUpWorship over on Instagram or people like Christy Sheehan and  Freddy Primo on Twitter who are giving us a ton of love. you!!