July 4th, Pin Ups and Beer

KPC News did a story the other day called “Red, White, and Beer” where Matt Thomas, the craft beer specialist at Gay’s Hops-N-Schnapps, talked about the link between pin up iconography and American craft beer.


Old Milwaukee’s patriotic pin up can.


Guys, you totally missed an opportunity.


Bombshell Blonde Ale from Southern Star Brewery.

So, I decided to remedy that situation. You know from following us that we’re big fans of beer pin up art.

Acme Pale Ale from North Coast Brewing

Because what says patriotism more that a pin up beer….


Dominion Brewing’s Morning Glory Espresso Stout and Double D Double IPA.

… or cider?

McKenzie’s Crossfit Cider.


You’re welcome.

Stumptown Tart from Bridgeport Brewing.

So if you’re having a beer this Independence Day, make sure it’s a patriotic pin up one. For the troops. Or something.

Centennial’s All American Red Ale.




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