Production Update

I’ve been working on the interactive documentary the last several weeks (and not blogging about the process, which deserves a slap on the wrist to me). The project is complicated.

The back end of the pages and media files for the interactive online documentary for Pin Up! The Movie.

Ya think?

Yeah, that’s a screenshot of the i-doc pages in progress. You can see how everything is interconnected through all of the lines.

Keep in mind that I’m just starting the connections. It’s likely that each of these pages will be connected eventually to far more of the others, and additional pages will be added with updated content. This is just the first step.

My producer, a production assistant and myself are all in pretty heavy editing mode. At the moment, I have the audio edited for 13 of what will eventually be 25 stories of pin ups new to the film story. My producer and production assistant are both working on reworking stories that appeared in the feature film.

We’re using this “Coming Soon” card for pages that are under construction.

We’re planning on starting with about 1/3 of the planned video stories, and I’m hoping to have the launch in the next two weeks. Best laid plans and whatnot. The issue the the complexity of i-doc production. Even with a content management system that’s relatively user friendly, such as the one we’re using, there are still glitches. For instance, racontr’s documentation is all based in French. Even with subtitles for video tutorials, there is a language barrier. This is frustrating.

I’m also concerned about downloading the HTML package for my web site. There are always glitches when these things get uploaded, and I’m worried that the transfer won’t be smooth. Initially, I may just launch with an embed code, which means that the site will have a watermark burned into all transitions. This isn’t ideal, but may be the best temporary solution until I can download the entire package.

There is also a level of frustration. My vision for the i-doc won’t be what’s seen on the screen. Part of this is a lack of communication from racontr, who was supposed to provide me with a sign in mechanism. The sign in isn’t a part of the current system. But that hasn’t happened to date, which means that I’m figuring out work arounds.

The reality is I’m moving into production on my next project and just need to get this project completed. So a scaled back plan may make the most sense.

More to come.



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