Your Week in Pin Up Issue 56: The Traveling Edition

26 June 2017

Losing Track of Time and Catching Up

Our Public Service Announcement

Le clitoris – Animated Documentary (2016) from Lori Malépart-Traversy on Vimeo.

Via the amazeballs Lori Malépart-Traversy. Must see.

Too Fat. Too Slutty. Too Loud.

I’m not a big fan of Anne Helen Peterson’s writing style at times, but she does say what I’m thinking. And her new book kind of sums up the conundrum facing women in contemporary culture.

Maybe we’re just too female???

Not Forgetting.

And the Hello Beautiful article included our bae Ashleeta!

Repeat after me: pin up isn’t white.

Thank you.

Our Public Service Announcement, Part Dueux

No, Betty White wasn’t that blonde bombshell. That would be Betty Brosmer.

This is Betty White in her youth. Still a bombshell.

This. GIF.







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