Your Week In Pin Up Issue 52: The Body Positive Edition

21 May 2017

AKA Girl Power. AKA Fourth Wave Feminism.

It’s Not Up to You to Say What Is… and Isn’t… Empowering

Dirty Martini

A former videographer in the burlesque world got a little bit of a pushback on Facebook when he tried to say that burlesque can’t be feminist and empowering because women are taking off their clothes and men look at them. Oh, and he’s protecting his six-year-old daughter.

I’m not posting the link to his page because he doesn’t need any more attention.

Me, vanquishing asshats.

But here are my main points in rebuttal:

  1. No one has any right to tell anyone else what that individual finds empowering … or not.
  2. When you say, “I like you but I can’t condone what you do” you ARE attempting to silence or shame that person.
  3. Misogyny.

(steps off soapbox, ends rant)

Speaking of Lists (steps back on soapbox)

  1. Wonder Woman is feminist.

Glad to clear that up for you. h/t Gal Gadot

BTW, Dick Pics? Isn’t that so 2012???

Quote by Simone Fiasco, from Whitney Bell’s exhibition

But at least one artist found a way to respond.

Whitney Bell’s show “I Didn’t Ask For This: A Lifetime of Dick Pics.” Photo by Michael Mendoza for Vice.

Reminder 2,822 that Beauty Knows No Age Barriers

Yazemeenah Rossi is GORGEOUS at any age (she’s 61).

This. Gif.

Artist Xaviera Lopez. CHECK OUT HER INSTAGRAM!!!





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