Your Week in Pin Up, Issue 47: The I Missed a Week Edition

20 March 2017

So Sue Me. I’m Too Busy Finding Workarounds.

It’s Not PC to Argue That Everyone Has Beauty.

Lauren Dukoff for Harper’s Bazaar.

Eff you New York Post for your hateful editorial on the lovely Chrissy Metz and her gorgeous pin up shoot. Women of all shapes and sizes can actually feel beautiful in their own skin. And it doesn’t mean that you have to look like them… or even find them beautiful.

Speaking of  Beauty….
The entwined history of Latina culture and pin up.

RIP Chuck Berry.

The Shakespeare of rock and roll.

Another Week, Another Screening.

Our director with Ginger Rose.

Thanks, University of Northern Colorado!

This. GIF.

Because this is what real women do to each other.





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