Don’t Crop Me Out! Plus Size Modeling in Today’s Society

From our friend Miss Mozzy Dee.

Gussied Up and Gorgeous By Miss MozzyDee

This past year has been a year of change, and I’m afraid it hasn’t been for the better…  In a society that prides itself in being progressive, we are in many ways taking steps back when it comes to all kinds of things, especially when it comes to body acceptance and positivity.

I have always been an advocate for women to feel confident in themselves and their bodies, embracing my own “flaws” and showing women that they too can be a model no matter what the size.  But of course, I’m human.  I get hurt when my weight becomes a determining factor in outcomes of things I pursue.  It makes me sad, and I get disturbed at the things that still happen to make women feel that if they were skinnier, they wouldn’t struggle as often.  I sometimes feel that way too, and this past year has been the epitome…

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