Your Week In Pin Up Issue 38: The “We’re Back” Edition

ywipu9 January 2017

Here’s to Recommitting and New Year’s Resolutions

Yeah, last year got a bit away from me. But this year will be better. #swear

Remembering a Hot Rod Legend

I went to school with Nick and Carmen, the children of Nick Arias Junior. Their father died this week. Nick Arias Junior’s love of dry lake racing led him to be a giant in the hot rod world, making pistons that would transform the industry. RIP.

That Day Simone Biles Liked Our Tweet.


Yes, that Simone Biles.

Man-Eating Singing Mermaids.

“We won’t eat you, my dear.”

We’ve Been Busy Busy Busy.

Interactive documentary production going full steam. Oh, and if you hashtag #bewbs you’re guaranteed to get a lot of attention over on Instagram.

This GIF.


Well, it WAS officially January 1st here when I posted it.




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