We Did It (Almost)

First,  the good news. We’re fully funded at 101% of our goal on Seed& Spark. and we have 600 followers. This is fabulous. I am overwhelmed.  It means we can approach Seed&Spark and seek distribution.

Painted pin up of interactive online documentary star Kitty Mansfield, by Seed&Spark follower Petja Heiskanen, aka PinUpDrawings.

But for the bad news: unless we reach at least 250 more followers between now and 9pm PT tonight (July 1st), it’s not looking good for us to advance to the finals of the Untold Story crowdfund challenge.


The Millie Michelle, on location in Las Vegas. She’s one of the new models featured in our interactive documentary. We’re hoping to shoot on location with all of our i-doc stars.

When I first started working on this story, I never dreamed I’d still be immersed in all things pin up three years later. But what I found was simply following the fabulous ladies I met in Los Angeles and California wouldn’t fully tell the story of the modern pin up. So I began finding women in the Pacific Northwest, South and Midwest of the United States. Models from Canada, Norway, South Africa, Sweden, the UK, and Singapore. This is a global culture, and in the online interactive documentary I’m hoping to tell that story.


Bang Bang Von Loola and director Kathleen Ryan on why the interactive documentary is so important.

But here’s the problem. We have 600 followers as of right now. The top five films each have more than 900 followers. We’re not in the top ten. And Seed&Spark and Project Greenlight Digital are only advancing the top 10 films to the next round, based on followers.

We’re followers of most of these other films. We want them to do well. But also we want our fair shot.  And the potential $20K in matching funds would help me pay for music licensing for distribution, and travel to all these locations (domestic and abroad) to tell the story of the pin up.

Miss Mozzy Dee explains what Pin Up! The Movie means to her. She’s hoping for a role in the online documentary.

If each person who reads this blog followed the campaign and then helped us to find just ONE new follower, we would be well on our way to the finals. So please, in these last few hours before the Untold Story challenge ends, help us out. Any followers who join between now and 9pm PT tonight will count. And we have some great free gifts as a thanks.


Kathleen Ryan


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