Help Crowdfund Pin Up! The Movie

Mardi Gras Magazine talks with Director Kathleen Ryan.

Mardi Gras Magazine

Okay, so last year we wrote a couple of pieces about a really awesome documentary film project called Pin Up! the Movie. The film looks back at the history of pin ups and its contemporary form. It’s an exciting, wild, beautiful, gorgeous, and above all else, intelligent voyage through an incredible genre of art and performance.

The film’s director, Kathleen Ryan, took a little time to update on us on how things were progressing and to tell us how ourselves and any one else reading can help to finance or support additional components of the film. In some cases all you have to do is CLICK FOLLOW!

Hi Kathleen, it looks like things are going really well. What has the response been to the film?

It’s been great! We won best documentary at the Big House Los Angeles entertainment festival and we’re scheduled to be at Comic Con later…

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