Your Week in Pin Up Issue 37: One More Week and We’ll Be Done Crowdfunding Edition

ywipu27 June 2016

89% Funded. 400-ish Followers. This is Giving Me (more) Grey Hair.

The Burlesque Performer Who Got Turned Away at the Border


It’s a whole big story. I went through immigration and they thought I was a prostitute and that my partner was my pimp. My boyfriend was stopped and they couldn’t find anything on him, so they googled me. They found the connection between my stage name and my real name, and that started a whole five-hour process

-Agatha Frisky, Australian Burlesque performer to The West Australian

Because Burlesque and sex worker just go hand in hand.

BTW Frisky holds a Ph.D. in psychology.


Car Show Craziness

Girls Like That (Pin Up 6) Teaser (the Car Show Version) from TaylorCatProductions on Vimeo.

Our top video of the week.

The Return of the Goof Troop

Girls Like That (Pin Up 6) Teaser (the Kitty Mansfield version) from TaylorCatProductions on Vimeo.

Because, faces.

Twitter Trends

Screenshot 2016-06-26 18.30.37

It’s fascinating to see what you like.

This GIF.





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