Want More of This???

The Millie Michelle from TaylorCatProductions on Vimeo.

Meet The Millie Michelle. She’s one of our new i-doc stars. We had a bunch of fun following her to her favorite places in Las Vegas earlier this year. And we want to do something similar with all of the ladies featured in our online interactive documentary.

But we’re in big trouble. Big big trouble.


In this Seed&Spark crowdfunding challenge, we’ve only made it to 400+/- followers so far. We need to get to at least 500 to qualify for potential distribution and get that filmmaker gift box.

And 500 is the minimum number we need to reach to qualify for the next round of the Untold Story challenge.


However, they’re only taking the films with the greenlight (80% of funding goal reached) who also have at least 500 followers. We’re currently sitting at number 15. That means if nothing changes we won’t qualify for the chance to win $20K in matching funds. And that means our distribution is in jeopardy, at least how the film is conceived right now, because we won’t be able to afford music licensing.

This is the current list (as of 9:22pm MT 7/25):

  1. A Punk Daydream, 733 followers
  2. A Horse of a Different Color, 704 followers (hasn’t met the minimum funding requirement yet)
  3. Inner U Destroyed, 685 followers
  4. Hearts of Glass, 682 followers
  5. The Great Flip Off, 653 followers
  6. Don’t Talk About the Baby, 648 followers
  7. Shadows of the Valley, 648 followers
  8. A Queen for the People, 633 followers
  9. Love, Hate, Church & State, 624 followers
  10. Risking Light, 622 followers
  11. Time Well Spent, 618 followers
  12. Rideout, 583 followers
  13. The Ties That Bind, 580 followers
  14. Devoti Tutti, 533 followers
  15. Pin Up! The Movie, 386 followers
  16. Anti Poaching: Coastal Mozambique, 302 followers

So to be competitive? We really need at least 300 more followers. In five days.


You’ve stepped up to the plate. We’ve seen our follower numbers jump by at least 100 over the past 36 hours. But we need more.

I don’t want to slag on these other films. They’re all great stories which should be told. We’ve been promoting some of these stories. I think they’ll make great films. But so is Pin Up! The Movie. And we have a follower base on social media that’s large enough to be able to get the numbers to be not just at #10, but at #1 in the list.

Follow. Share. Help. Please.


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