Why You Should Follow Us.

So Seed&Spark has a really cool incentive. And it all hinges on followers.

Remind you, this program is just for filmmakers. Not the person selling the coolest ice cooler. Not your neighbor who needs money to help save her puppy who may or may not have gotten bit by a bat (this is a heartbreaking crowdfund going on right now).

And they offer wonderful incentives for filmmakers who reach two milestones: gathering 500 followers and getting the greenlight (or reaching 80% of the goal).


They call it the Filmmaker Gift Box.

I can hear your question now:

The feature film is already done. Why on earth do you need a Filmmaker Gift Box????

Oh, there are reasons…


  • I don’t know if you saw the photo of the G-Technology Drive on our wish list. These things are amazing – I have a drive of theirs already which I love and HD filmmaking means you can always need more storage. A 1TB drive comes in the Gift Box. Considering I have one drive apparently on its last legs, this could come in very handy.
  • There’s this über cool encorder that turns my phone or iPad into a field monitor. Would be very nice to have with my new camera.
  • A one-year subscription to a music licensing service. Take a look at our wish list. I need this. I so need this.
  • Consultations with a film attorney, Seed&Spark distribution experts, and a PR and marketing film. Necessary on so many levels.
  • Free film festival submissions. This is worth $500 at least – probably more – and helps contribute to our Pin Up World Domination strategy. Screenshot 2016-06-13 15.42.48
  • $2,500 off rental of the theaters at Mann’s Chinese. Maybe we need another special LA screening??? netflix
  • Did I forget to mention the $20K bonus we qualify to compete for if we make the 500 followers/80% of our ask threshhold? Or the potential distribution on Netflix, iTunes and more?



Here’s the thing: It doesn’t take any money to help the film to qualify for this. It just takes a follow on our Seed&Spark. And that’s totally free.


And the benefit is that it means I can better bring the story of the pin up to you.

#BeABacker #ZeroDollars



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