#UntoldStory Films to Check Out

What’s so gratifying in this Untold Story crowdfunding rally over on Seed&Spark are the remarkable other films we’re up against. This isn’t the beauty pageant “Oh, any one of these ladies could win” false sincerity. This is serious a list of documentaries that I’m hoping to see either streaming, on cable, or in the theaters.

The Great Flip Off tells the story of the last bareback stunt riders at the Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus. While eliminating animals from the circus is a good thing (particularly wild animals), these horses and their riders are finding it’s one last chance for their sport (yes, it’s a sport). We backed this film.

The Girls of Summer is about female baseball (not softball) teams. It’s like A League of Her Own, but in the 21st century. We love the fact that girls play hardball… and backed them because of it.

We’ve told you before about our love for In the Footsteps of Texas Guinan. If you aren’t supporting this film do!!!! It’s about a silent film star turned speakeasy and nightclub owner who died at the young age of 39. It’s an amazing story that should be told.

Punk rock music in Indonesia. Need I say more? The film A Punk Daydream tells the story of this fascinating subculture, aiming to do what the best documentaries do – bring us to a world we didn’t know existed.

Social activism is a strong part of the documentary tradition – and so enter Building the American Dream. The film tells the story about construction workers, specifically the undocumented workers who make up half of the construction workforce in Texas.

Five films worth a follow. Well, six if you count us. Head over to Seed&Spark and #BeABacker – you can support just by following the film’s story or by giving cash.



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