Five Things I Forgot About Doing a Crowdfund


  1. The sheer work. I always tell people it’s work, but I forget the number of hours on unpaid labor go into a (successful) campaign.
  2. The amount of pre-launch prep you need to do. This time I worked with my audience and created artwork before we went live, but I didn’t develop a list of pre-campaign tweets or preschedule blog posts. It’s difficult under the stress of a campaign to create clever reminders and pitches. 2013-11-14-crowdfunding
  3. Speaking of stress…. I’m weirdly confident this time that we’ll make our ask – there are a couple of events that we’re going to use push all funds to the campaign, lot of buzz from the community, etc. But nonetheless, I live and breathe this. I mean, I’m doing this update at 10:39pm on a Friday night, getting it scheduled to post on Saturday.
  4. The fact that people who want to help don’t necessarily do it on my timetable. #iamnotthecenteroftheuniverseCjAjKS1
  5. The weird people who come out of the woodwork. It’s easy(ish) to reach out to people I personally know. It’s those who don’t who still support this that surprise me to no end.



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