Pin Ups of Color


When this video featuring the folks at Pin Up Girl Clothing hit the web yesterday, it really resonated with me.

Because this is what we’ve been trying to do through the film. Because, of course.

Or as Pin Up Girl Clothing owner Laura Bynes said in a comment when a friend posted the link on her Facebook:

Don’t give me a cookie for acting how we are all supposed to.

When I began working on this project, I specifically sought out women who weren’t only the blonde-haired blue-eyed stereotype. Or, they’re there (of course). But so are Asian women, Hispanic women, African-American women. I’m trying to show that the scene is diverse, not only in its body representation but also in who is a pin up.

2015-11-22 12.40.14From our world premier. Just some of the ladies you’ll see in our film and online documentary.

The problem, as Doris Mayday so beautifully points out in the video, is that when we look back at “history” it is sometimes whitewashed by who was “allowed” to be in the public eye during the 1930s, ’40s and ’50s. It’s not that beautiful women of color weren’t rocking the pin up look (they were because it was basically just normal fashion then) – it’s that they often weren’t seen in the media of the day.

But we can fix that.

Oh, yeah, we can fix that.

Yeah, I’m supposed to remind you to #BeABacker



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