It’s Too Hot (Hot Damn)

Close to 100 yesterday here in the Willamette Valley. Mid-90s today.

We swelter in the rental cottage with no air. You don’t normally need it here. It seems early for it to be “one of those days.”

When we went out to a couple of local vineyards with a friend (avoiding the heat!!), we ran into a lovely pair of part pitties who were the dapper dog version of pin up. The boy was wearing a tie. The girl pink pearls. They ate crackers. We drank a crisp white and talked with their owners.

Later the husband retreated to a futon on the floor in the room with multiple windows. I stayed in the room that juts back into old growth pines. The cat is curled in a circle of mottled fur next to me – I think she’s s secretly loving it. During the day, shade (in theory) keep things cooler than houses on the sunny side of the street. In theory.

I listen for the deer and wonder what sort of hideaway they’ve found to beat the heat.

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