Back This Film

Ok, so I know you know I’m running another crowdfunding. And you probably are thinking

Here’s another pitch to get me to back Pin Up! The Movie. Isn’t there anything else she can talk about?

Well, as a matter fact, there is.

How about Texas Guinan?

Guinan was a silent film star, business owner and overall bad ass. It seems to me that she falls into the historical tradition of the pin up: a woman who is owning her own sexuality and inserting it in challenging and non-traditional ways into the public sphere.


I mean, consider this:

In 1926, Guinan made $700,000.

The average net income in the United States in 1926?


She was known as “The Queen of the Nightclubs.” She starred in 33 silent films. She even owned her own film company. Her funeral in 1933 drew more than 10,000 mourners.

But did you know about her? I sure didn’t.


Part of the Seed&Spark and Project Greenlight Digital Untold Story challenge is about building community. Through this I met Mary Louise Guinan, who’s heading up the campaign to bring Guinan’s story to the screen.

I really love this story – you know I’m a sucker for tales of women in history. So hit them up. Let’s show that this community isn’t just about my film but about supporting women in film in general.



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