That Time We Started Crowdfunding Again

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We’re back. That little thing called crowdfunding. Well at least starting at noon PT today.

What the hell am I thinking, our producer you ask?


I’m thinking matching funds. I’m thinking a chance for distribution on Netflix, Hulu, iTunes and more. I’m thinking Pin Up World Domination Tour. I’m thinking the film can finally get out to the audience it deserves.

I’m thinking suck it to (do not speak ill of others #goodkarma).

But at the moment people are confused about how this all works (did you NOT watch my instructional video???).

So I’m getting my message ducks in a row…


Duck 1: You don’t need to actually back the campaign in any way. You just need to follow it by June 30th. On Seed&Spark. Seriously. Crossing the 500 follower barrier is a really big deal.


Duck 2: You can give me ZERO DOLLARS and still back the project. Seriously. Seed&Spark does this thing called a “loan.” Think of it as the trade economy. You can offer to loan me a good or service I need by June 30th, and I can accept or reject the offer. But it doesn’t cost you a dime – just time or the “thing” you’re loaning me. You can take a premium, or choose not to – up to you.


Duck 3: Look at my wish list on Seed&Spark and contribute money to a specific thing by June 30th. I think that’s pretty self-explanatory. It’s just like traditional backing on Kickstarter, but attaching it to a thing I need. And you get a premium, if you like.

Duck 4: Back us by June 30th by clicking on the premium you want.


Duck 5: I need to reach at least 80% of my goal by June 30th for the project to be a “greenlight.” That means it gets funded. It can come in a combination of loans and dollars. So I need $20K in a combination of money and good/service loans. More is good. I have stretch goals.


It’s some sort of message from the pin up goddesses that this is starting on what would have been Marilyn’s 90th birthday, right???



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