Miami Fashion Network Loves our Documentary About Pin Up Culture

Check out what our new friends at Miami Fashion Network have to say about our screening at the Palm Beach International Film Festial a week from Satruday. 

March 31, 2016 – Miami Fashion Network
We think the biggest April fashion event in Miami revolves around a super chic documentary movie. Pin Up! The Movie is showing in the Palm Beach International Film Festival. “Pin-up and vintage culture are exploding – and no one’s made a movie about it,” says filmmaker Kathleen Ryan. 
This movie about fashion design follows a group of women through their everyday lives, showing why they’re drawn to the retro style. There are two interrelated stories. In one, a group of women compete for the title of Miss 1940s White Christmas Ball. In the other, an established pin-up photographer and her crew seek a fresh face for a magazine spread. 
“People think that the pin up is just something men look at,” says Ryan. However “All the women I’ve talked with say they’re doing this for themselves. They love the power, beauty and sisterhood in the culture. The modern pin up is a pretty feminist creature.”
The fashion and style of Miami are the perfect setting for the initial screenings of the film. Much of the original pin-up genre sprung from the sensual style of Miami, a locale that always encouraged women to appear more alluring. 
Today’s Miami fashion set continues to celebrate the power of femininity, from our super sexy night clubs to our sultry hotel pool parties. Plus there is cauldron of creativity mixing fashion designers, fashionable restaurants and hotels, and photography. The Pin Up culture is alive and well among the fashion crowd of Miami. 


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