Your Week in Pin Up Issue 28: The March Madness Edition

ywipu28 March 2016

The Calm Before the Storm

Mark Your Calendars


We’ll be at Ethnografilm in Paris this Friday showing a edited version of the film.


Then off to the Palm Beach International Film Festival for two screeings… April 9 at 8pm and April 13 at 4:15pm. We’re doing a private screening and panel at the University of Colorado Boulder on April 13th.


And then off to Viva Las Vegas for a meet and greet with Director Kathleen Ryan, photographer Mitzi Valenzuela, plus the models in the film and the online doc on April 16th from 10am-2pm.

And that’s just April – we have screenings in May and June on the books too.

Haunting Beauty

10-84 1-131

These dolls by Marina Bychkova are just gorgeous.


Via Design You Trust.


Speaking of Haunting


This rabbit has invaded our nightmares.

Calling All Slutbunnies…


You’re welcome.

Did You Think We Couldn’t Mention Easter?

Ruby Red Pinup

Ruby Red Pinup

Miss Saavy SF by Surgeon Studios

Miss Saavy SF by Surgeon Studios

Miss Kitty Von Rose

Miss Kitty Von Rose

The Irresistible Leo

The Irresistible Leo

It was all sorts bunny-love on our Instagram Easter Sunday.


This GIF.






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