The Smartest Girl in the Room

seal_v2-04Some of you may know I’m doing this thing over on WordPress called Blogging U. Mainly I want to use it to get back to some of my roots in this particular blog, i.e. force myself to do the sort of self-reflexive note-taking that the blog was set up to do.

The problem is not all the “assignments” are so good for that. I’m not looking for this blog to be popular. I’m looking to take notes.

And so last week I became rebel girl. But there were reasons (ok, maybe excuses). David Bowie and Alan Rickman died and it kind of put me in a creative funk. Classes started and I’m teaching a major new class this term and was totally underprepared. I was traveling. The assignments sucked.


Here’s the thing … I’m used to generally being the smartest person in the room in situations like this. Ok, I’m kind of being an asshat here, but c’mon, I teach this sort of material. I write for a living. I pick up things quickly deplore and bullshit. Platitudes and faux-spirational blogs drive me up a fucking wall

Look what I discovered today… I’m so insightful and you should just THINK POSITIVE and be exactly like me.


So yeah, not a whole lot of blogging took place.

But even more so that perhaps some of my virtual classmates, I know keenly what this blog is supposed to be. I work on long form projects like the pin up film and need to take notes. When I hand-write notes I can’t read them and that detracts from my academic work. Rants like this one, believe it or not, are helpful for me as I step back from the project and begin to analyze my own work process.

So I don’t care about “being neighborly” and leaving comments on another blog (in what is frankly a self-centered and cynical attempt to curry more followers). I don’t need an “about” page (because these are ultimately notes for me) and I’m happy with the look of this blog. I am certainly not going to write a blog that “builds” off of another blog or create a blogroll with the blogs I follow.



But nonetheless I vowed to be better this week.

So today’s assignment is to use one of the prompts to write. AHA! I thought

Finally something that can actually give me the push to do what the whole point of this exercise was.

But my gawd, the prompts.

Write a post like you’re a movie critic reviewing your weekend.

Who was Your Teen Idol?

Turn a Word into Something Else.


I started to do a photo blog using the Alphabet prompt (which I still might do) but then I realized I was off on a rant. And my rant was kind of related to today’s craptastic prompt “learning style.”

So there’s that.


Learning Style

3 thoughts on “The Smartest Girl in the Room

  1. Well you are certainly humorous. I liked that about your post. My writing is scribbling too. I write it in longhand and then type it up that night. It also helps to set the info into my mind.

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