Who Am I?

Preston Duncan DragonflyOne of our first photographs posted on the blog.

Ok, so that’s a pretty weird question, I realize.

But I’m doing a blogging challenge/workshop this month with WordPress and our first assignment is to establish who we are and why we’re blogging.

Or in the case of an already-established blog to revisit our mission.

So here goes.


Artist Jordan Rathus, who is featured in the film “Pin Up! The Movie.” From her photo series 12 Months of December.

This blog was initially designed as a place where I can keep my production notes about the film process (spoiler alert: I’m probably going to get back to a lot of that introspective navel-gazing this month). I work at a university as a professor and am expected to do research. My research, in part, is creative work, like my film on pin up culture. But I also use myself as a case study to talk about the role of the filmmaker in the documentary process.

In my past projects I’ve keep a series of little notebooks with my scribbles inside. But the problem is as I get tired or even just as I attempt to write quickly, I find that when I go back later, I can’t really read my thoughts. Yes, my handwriting is that bad.

Still from the film.

Still from the film.

So for this project I started a blog. For me. So I could read my stupid notes when the time came to investigate my role as a creative person.

But the weird thing is that people started following it. And as that happened I found that I began adjusting how I wrote in some of the posts. Less first person and more thinking about public presentation. And then I did a Kickstarter or two for the project and had a film festival premiere and the marketing v. introspection line kind of got erased. And marketing won.

alice_in_wonderland_2010_5I fall down rabbit holes a lot.

My goal for this WordPress blogging class is to not eliminate the marketing stuff, but rather to try and better return to the introspective “here’s what I’m thinking while making a film” approach. It may be slightly challenging because there IS an audience now. But perhaps figuring out how to integrate the marketing needs with the blog’s original goal could be a good one. And something that could spawn even more academic research about my process.

Oh, and blogging classmates? Be prepared for lots of images. Because I do that sort of thing too in my blogging.


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