YWIPU Week 15: The Yes, I Missed Some Updates Edition

ywipu14 December 2015

We. Have. Ignored. You.

Premium Central.

Some of our premiums, getting ready to head out to backers.

Some of our premiums, getting ready to head out to backers.

And loving it when you share with us that you got the premiums!


See, we have a really really good reason. Trying to send out all of our premiums before Christmas, doing that “real job” stuff (it’s finals time in the academic world), and then the holidays in general.


I know – my personal busyness should not detract from my offering you your week in pin up. I beg your forgiveness.

And Then There’s This…


We’ll be in Albuquerque in January. Will you?

We should know our exact screening date this week! Stay tuned….

Month of Christmas.

If you’re not already following our Facebook page, head over there for our daily + shares of holiday themed content. Like this.

Happy Holidays With Bing and Frank (Classic) from Dill Bates on Vimeo.

We’re curating just for you!

Home for the Holidays.

Lovina Marie by B. Natural Photography from our Instagram.

Lovina Marie from our Instagram.

And then there’s our month-long theme on Instagram of holiday-inspired pin up shoots. We’d love to share yours!


This. Gif.


Ah, Dita.



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