Friday the 13th


So this is supposed to be an unlucky day. Fraught with black cats, spilled salt and broken mirrors.

I’m not buying that.

Because, you see, THIS IS THE DAY WE FUND!!!


The Kickstarter ends tonight at 11:01 pm PT. And when I was setting up those dates and times I didn’t even realize we’d be ending of Friday the 13th.

Didn’t. Even. Think. Of. It.

Not that I buy all that superstition and stuff. But on my end (in the mountain time zone) we were ending at 12:01 am on November 14th. And I was looking at calendar days not dates. I didn’t want to have the Kickstarter go through another weekend, but I also wanted to give as many people as possible one last chance to back on the Friday (a weekday). 11:01 pm PT seemed to be perfect because it allows for the people in places like Hawaii and whatnot a chance to still back before heading into weekend mode.

Photographer Mitzi Valenzuela with Ginger Watson at Viva Las Vegas Pinup Contest.

Photographer Mitzi Valenzuela with Ginger Watson at Viva Las Vegas Pinup Contest.

There are still a few hours left in the campaign. Yes, I’ve reached my goal. And it’s been curious to see how the backing comes in. There are a lot of smaller backers that are sneaking in over these last few days, making sure to reserve their copy of the film before the Kickstarter ends (not kidding – this will go away until distribution as of 11:01 pm PT). And some of our super limited higher end premiums are sold out (or are selling out) like our pin up art offer from Get Pinned Art or the Mitzi & Co offers.

By Ryan Poteracki of Get Pinned Art

By Ryan Poteracki of Get Pinned Art

Here’s the thing. Just because I’ve reached my initial goal doesn’t mean your backing will go toward buying bon-bons, caviar and champagne. The money will be used for our interactive documentary production, introducing story lines and characters not seen in the film. So there’s a good use there – and it means more pin up for you. BTW, a jokey Beyoncé-inspired horoscope for November said that for my sign (Sagittarius), the 13th was going to be a monumental day. beyonceTake that, superstition.


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