Meet the Musicians Part 12: THE BARBERETTES

South Korean three-part girl group doo-wop harmonies.

Do I have you yet?

The Barberettes

The Barberettes

The Barberettes were one of the first bands I decided I wanted to use for the movie. I wasn’t sure WHERE I would use the song, but I knew I wanted to use their music.

Specifically, the Cousin Alice written song Kukerichoo.

This is a live performance of the song from last year in Toronto. Below is the album version, which is the one we’re using.

The song just makes me happy.

The Barberettes were formed in Seoul, and are made up of Shinae An Wheeler, Eun Hye (or Grace), and So Hee Park. They’ve been singing together since 2012 and released a couple of albums last year – including a album of Christmas songs.


In an interview with Korean Indie, the ladies described their music this way:

In the history some things never change its value, regardless of taste. Like good food, or good book, and things like that.

People just need those things to live. We think in pop music Doo-wop is in the place like that. Since we weren’t born in the right time to grow up listening to it as much, we discovered it more around the time we started the band. We watched and listened many videos and music from the internet. And fell in love madly. Big time.

Me too.

I’ve got a licensing agreement with the ladies and Cousin Alice and need your help to get them paid.



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