Meet the Musician Part 9: THE PINK TILES

Remember yesterday when I posted about having a record label with an unreasonable licensing expectation?

This is the situation that led me to discover the Australian power-punk-pop band The Pink Tiles and their 2-minute-ish piece of happiness that is Ordinary Girl.

So here’s the deal. I was looking for music to include in a section about Miss Emilie and her “other” passion: roller derby. So I searched for roller skating songs (naturally) and came across Melanie’s 1971 hit Brand New Key.

Roller skates. Keys. Perfect, right?

Uhm, no. Try they wanted something along the lines of $2,500 per side. Or $5,000 for the song. That would have been more expensive (by more than double) of anyone else in the film. (yeah, sue me for posting it above – talk to TheVideoJukebox on YouTube if you have a problem with it, Sony).


I was looking for something with a female vocalist that would go with women slamming each other across the rink in derby. It needed to start out sort of slow but then pick up a pace as the song, and bout, progressed. I also kind of wanted something with a message that meshed with Miss Emilie.

Ordinary Girl fits on all levels. And I love it SO MUCH MORE than the Melanie song which would have been, I don’t know, almost a cliché.

Here’s the deets on the Pink Tiles (they can tell you so much better than I can):

a912ab_3b313871ed404382b6f1ad39d39a8099.jpg_srz_p_456_568_75_22_0.50_1.20_0They just finished a US tour but DIDN’T COME TO DENVER (I’m still holding a grudge). And while I found them via the Free Music Archive, I want to make sure that this charming sextet can have a formal licensing deal for their song.



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