$25 or Less

Let’s start with really simple idea. Every. Single. Backer. Counts. Even (or especially) small amounts. They really add up.


With that in mind, here’s the list of what you can get for $25 or less on the Kickstarter:

  • SWAK. This is the cheapest of our premiums. For one buck, we’ll give you a shout out on social media once the campaign ends. Promise.
    • This comes with all other premiums too.
  • SWAK Attack. Number two if you’re looking for an affordable premium. Five bucks. For this you get a postcard with LIPSTICK KISSES by one of our pin up modelsred lips isolated in white
    • This comes with all premiums $10 or higher too.
  • The Sneak Peek. Digital Streaming: Stepping up a little bit here – this premium costs ten bucks. Once our Kickstarter funds, we’ll give you a password and link to watch the film on Vimeo. That’s before it gets released to theaters, television, DVD, whatever.
    • This comes with all premiums $25 or higher too.
  • The Pre-Release Party. Once we finish our festival run (sometime in 2016), we’ll send you a pre-release copy of Pin Up! The Movie. And we’ll thank you in the credits. Twenty-five bucks.
  • Joker’s Wild. Oh. My. God. This is my favorite premium. This is a set of pin up playing cards featuring the women
    Some of our pin up playing cards.

    Some of our pin up playing cards.

    seen in Pin Up! the Movie. And we’ll thank you in the credits. Twenty-five bucks. It is guaranteed to deliver before the holidays, so if you have any gift giving you need to do…….

  • Calendar Girls. I’m featuring Mitzi and Co. Photography in the film and she’s sharing her 2016 calendar with us as a premium. And we’ll thank you in the credits. Twenty-five bucks. Speaking of holiday gift giving, this one will ship in time for the holidays too. Just an idea.

These are all super fun premiums, plus there are ways to package them together if you want to spend a bit more than the $25.

2016_cal_back 2016_cal_front






This is where I get surprised about Kickstarter and other crowdfunding platforms. My pin up sites have approximately 6,200 followers. Mitzi has 9,000 likes on her page and 10,000 followers on Instagram, and the pin ups in the film range from a couple of hundred people to 14,000 across each of their social media sites. And this doesn’t even begin to include sites like Delicious Dolls, Ivy or Classic and Kustom Bombs, all of whom are sharing the information about the project (because they’re part of the premium packages) and all of whom have tens (or hundreds) of thousands of fans.

Of course there’s a lot of overlap.


This is the card we’ll send out to you with pin up kisses.

But let’s just say between our immediate circles (me, photographers, pin ups) we have about 7,000 unique fans who are not in the film and who currently haven’t backed. That seems realistic, right?

If each of those 7,000 people backed at just $1, the Kickstarter would be OVER it’s goal by more than $2,000. If they each backed at $5, that would mean the campaign would be at $42,000 – that’s OVER the amount of my first stretch goal.

Let me say that again. Over. The. Amount. Of. My. First. Stretch. Goal.

Ten bucks each? HOLY CRAP!! That’s over the amount of my second stretch goal. I’d need to do a third stretch goal. (Oh, I have plans).

Maybe I need this dog working on the campaign.

Maybe I need this dog working on the campaign.

Here’s something to keep in mind – none of this money is going to pay me a salary. I’ve got a salary from my full time gig – I work as a professor at a university. I’m able to afford to do passion projects like this, and do them well, because I don’t need to worry about making a living off of it.

But I know what it takes to make it better.

So little from you. But it’s like a snowball – little tiny particles can have an amazing effect.

The basic idea. Minus the Santa hat. Via Behance.net

The basic idea. Minus the Santa hat. Via Behance.net

One more thing – if you back by November 5th AT ANY AMOUNT, you’ll get an invite to our preview party in LA. We won’t include transportation (obviously), but we will have beer courtesy of  Lagunitas and vodka courtesy of Deep Eddy. That $10 backing? Not looking so expensive any more, is it?





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