Meet the Musicians Part 6: BEACH LIFE KINGS

So when I started editing this project I began looking through the collective hive brain of Google trying to find songs related to pin ups. There was stuff out there that super obvious, stuff that was kitschy, stuff that was fun.

And then there was this song by the Beach Life Kings.

Let’s be real here – this isn’t even really ABOUT pin ups. I’m sure it just hit on my search because it features the gorgeous Miss Mosh.

But the song was PERFECT – it immediately started my brain working thinking about how I could use it to help tell the story of Mitzi Valenzuela and her 10th Anniversary party.


So who are The Beach Life Kings? Well, best I can tell the band isn’t officially broken up, but they’re not creating anything new either. Their webpage is a dead link, and their Facebook page hasn’t been updated since November of 2013.  Soundcloud likewise has no new music since three years ago.

The house music duo is Spencer Nezey and Joe Care. The two are djs and work in various soundscape/house/hip hop/electronica/soundtrack projects and are based in Los Angeles.

Bottom line? I’m just glad I found their music. And now I want to pay them what they’re due for this fabulous song.




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