There’s something to be said for happenstance.

Earlier this summer, Delicious Ruckus, one of the pin ups in the film, was selected to be part of a music video called Pin Up 4 (Gatsby Be Goode). It was put together by the cross-country hip hop collective: Devin “Gatsby” James (Portland, Oregon) and Barry Quigley and Justin Alexander (Chicagoland), aka JCA Beats Productions.

I shared the video on our Facebook page, and one thing led to another. They asked if they could be involved in the project.

As it turns out, I was looking for a very specific piece of music. I had a section of the film where the calendar legacy of the pin up was being discussed. I wanted to use a version of Calendar Girl (the old Neil Sedaka song).

But I didn’t want the original version. I wanted the Petula Clark one. Sung in French.

But licensing. Oh, the licensing. Crazy expensive and another one of those things where I wasn’t sure I could make a legitimate fair use argument. It was commentary, and a cultural critique, but there is a bit of grey area there because the music was also being used for synch sound. I was cutting shots together using the music beat as a driving force.

I told the guys my problem. And they came up with a solution. A new song. Calendar Girls.

Al Moore calendar: the pin up/calendar girl connection.

Al Moore calendar: the pin up/calendar girl connection.

Devin first laid down some basic tracks. Barry and Justin put together some music. We had a verse and chorus – enough for my needs.

But then Devin got so excited that he wrote an entire song. And I did a music video for them which we’ll be debuting tomorrow. It’s called Calendar Girls (Pin Up 5) and features stuff from the film – plus some other bonus footage. There’s a preview here. I’ll do a post with the full video when it drops tomorrow.

This is going to sound like a familiar refrain – but they did it all for free. Nada. Nothing. They didn’t ask me to do a music video – I just volunteered because I was so happy with what they created. Well that and I felt a bit guilty about my inability to pay them.

Devin’s trying to make it as a rapper. Justin and Barry are trying to make a splash as a production company. They loved the project and hoped it would work for them creatively.

And I’d like for them to be treated like the legitimate artists that they are.


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