Meet the Musicians Part 3: THE UNDERSCORE ORKESTRA


Spellcheck really doesn’t like this band’s name.

That’s ok. I do.

This is another act I found via the Free Music Archives. And it’s kind of a funny story about how they came to be in the film.

So the initial idea was to use Selena Gomez’ version of Cruella De Vil in this particular section of the film. In it, Miss Rockwell De Vil talks about how she got her pin up name: it comes down to two toned hair, an infamous Disney villain, and a bit of silliness in the beauty salon.

Because her friend used to sing the song Cruella De Vil to her,  I could fair use the original film version of the song. But the Selena Gomez version was so much… more.

And then Disney got into the act.

I probably was on fairly solid legal ground. I was creatively reinterpreting a reinterpretation, using it to make commentary on pop culture, but Disney kept talking about how they were worried about a pin up movie being the “right” image for their “starlet.” Mind you, this is a starlet who at the time was going through rehab. And mind you, this is a song that has 146,000 (yes, ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY-SIX THOUSAND) versions posted on YouTube.

Screenshot 2015-10-27 20.00.10

The first few of the 146,000+ hits on a You Tube search of Cruella De Vil. Three of these are posted by someone other than the copyright owner. Clearly, Disney is working hard to protect their intellectual property.

Eventually I just got tired of the whole dance.

And found a song that’s even better.

The Underscore Orkestra in action. From their website.

The Underscore Orkestra in action. From their website.

It’s called Jazzy Ashes and it’s found on the Underscore Orkestra album The Extraordinary Adventures of …. It’s a little subversive, silly, and sexy in a not-in-the-mainstream way.

In other words, perfect for Miss Rockwell De Vil.

And even though they’re sharing their music for free, I want to make sure they’re treated the same way Imelda May is (or, hell, even the way Selena Gomez would have been if we had come to an agreement).

So let’s pay the musicians.

Just look at how much fun these guys are. Maybe it’s the Portland, Oregon, in them.



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