Meet the Musicians, Part 2: BLISS BLOOD

From Bliss Blood's webpage.

From Bliss Blood’s webpage.

Can I tell you how much I love Bliss Blood? In our film she’s working with the band Here’s How singing the classic You Showed Me the Way.

It’s sultry, gorgeous and absolutely perfect for the portion of the film where it’s used, which tells where Miss Emilie got her inspiration for her pin up looks.


Bliss is a Nebraska native who now calls New York City home.

She describes her work with Here’s How as performing

smoky, sultry, romantic jazz tunes that had ‘fallen through the cracks’ … consequently the music is fresh and ‘new’ sounding.

I concur.

I found Bliss through a fabulous music source, the Free Music Archives, run by WFMU radio. I have a couple of other musicians I found through the FMA. It launched in 2009, and is an amazing repository for the digital age.


But here’s the deal: they share their music FOR FREE (see that free music part). But just because Bliss is an independent artist (releasing music on her own label), it doesn’t seem right to me that she shouldn’t get paid for the work she does. Especially since others (see yesterday’s post) will. Hence our campaign: to pay ALL of our musicians the same rate, major label representation or not.


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