Down to the Brass Tacks


(which has me wondering where that saying came from)

I’m nearly two weeks into the Kickstarter campaign for the film and things are going great. We’re almost halfway to our goal. Previous backers are supporting again and we’ve got new supporters as well. Life is good.

It would just be SO MUCH BETTER if I was actually at my goal.


Maybe I just need to work on my winged eyeliner…

See, there are two benefits to that. The first is I can stop stressing out every single day. Which means I can stop bugging you every single day.

The second? We can move onto thinking about our stretch goal (interactive documentary production).


But that’s a cart before the horse scenario.

I keep crunching the numbers. We’ve got thousands of followers across social media – more than 7,000 all told. Add to that the people who follow the people we feature (Mitzi & Co Photography, the various pin ups) and we’re easily moving into the tens of thousands numbers. And that’s before counting the various angels who are just helping the film because they’re good people.

Because one can never get enough American Horror Story.

Because one can never get enough American Horror Story.

Ok, so some of them are going to be duplicates. But let’s say for argument purposes that we have 5,000 unique people who are following the project in one way shape or form.

If each of those people backed us at just $5 – FIVE DOLLARS – that would mean that we’d be WELL over our initial goal.

Maybe I need to revise our marketing strategies?



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