YWIPU Week 10: The Countdown to Halloween Edition

ywipu26 October 2015

Yeah, Yeah, Everyone’s Distracted by Halloween. We Get It.

Kickstarter Update

Screenshot 2015-10-26 09.53.23

Almost halfway there. You know if you back and we reach our goal I’ll stop bugging you right?

The Legend

Maureen O’Hara had an amazing career – did you know she was known as the “Queen of Technicolor” because of her radiant hair? She died this weekend at the age of 95.

We’re glad she shared her talents with the world.

Save the Date

Screenshot 2015-10-26 09.49.57

In less than two weeks (November 5th) we’ll have our world premiere at the Woman Up! Independent Film Festival, which is part of Big House Los Angeles Entertainment Festival. Oh, and we’re cooking a special surprise up our sleeve to help celebrate, which will be the next night. Stay tuned….

Did I mention I’m excited?

You can get tickets here. Order soon – they’re selling fast!

Yes, I Promised Halloween

airstream pumpkin

So how about these vintage style pumpkins from Better Homes and Gardens? Love them. And maybe inspired to take a road trip.

Costumes, Anyone?

2015-10-23 21.37.56

Photo by Mitzi and Company.

Of course, we know lots of pinups who get into the act. Like Little Bit working her ambulance chasing skills via Mitzi and Co.

2015-10-24 22.20.58

Photo by House of Winter

Or Kat Stroud who’s channeling a pretty fierce Ursula for House of Winter.

This Gif


Via Tumblr

Don’t party too much this weekend.



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