The Case of Instagram

I’m kind of perplexed/impressed by the Instagram account for the film. It’s been in existence since February and already there are nearly 1300 followers. Ok, so we’re not Kim Kardashian or Taylor Swift, but something is working there.


The scholar in me wants to figure out what.

Mitzi Valenzuela mentioned that she found Instagram to be a great place to promote sales and other deals for her photography business. The integration with Facebook means the posts show up there too, as if organically placed on the site, which is a good thing (the giveaway being the square image aspect ratio and the little Instagram notation at the top).

Screenshot of Facebook post shared via Instagram. Seamless.

Screenshot of Facebook post shared via Instagram. Seamless.

So it’s double dipping, but not in the clunky way that Twitter retweets things from other outlets.

For us so far our most favorite IGs are just nifty photos. I haven’t been able yet to see the transition from Instagram to sales (in our case, the Kickstarter campaign), except for one person who I know became a backer and came to backe the project via Instagram).


Specifically, our fans seem to like cool pin up poses and amazing fashion photos Our most popular images, to date, have to the with the Jokers Wild contest we were running, which makes sense. My next goal is to get something else to have the same sort of traction.

September top Instagram likes.

So what else is there?

Well, most of our fans are from the US. That makes sense – the project is based here. But what I find intriguing is that 2% of followers who come from Brazil. I’ve seen the same thing on our Facebook page – there is a HUGE South American fan base (and specifically Brazilian fan base) for pin up culture that I have only just begun to tap. Global audience. Check.


Ok, so it’s not much. But even having this little bit of information helps me understand who the project’s fans are – and what can make them come to us and support us – either by viewing the film itself at screenings or being a backer on Kickstarter.


BTW, these nifty graphics come from Iconosquare. They’ve been super helpful in getting me to understand what’s happening with my account because unlike Twitter or Facebook, Instagram doesn’t really offer analytics platforms.

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