I’m Getting All Mathy On You

rainbow twittter

So I’ve gotten through three full days of the Kickstarter for Pin Up! The Movie and I’m feeling good.

As of 12:01am MT, we were at 35% of our goal. That’s fabulous.

Check this out. This is what the progress bar looks like for the current project.

Screenshot 2015-10-18 09.43.26

Let me give this some context. Those of who have been following the project know that this is a relaunch. I did a Kickstarter over the summer that I cancelled because the funding just wasn’t there. So here’s what the project for that project looked like.

Screenshot 2015-10-18 09.44.21

Zoom into that first few day section. We were at 0% funded. We never reached the 35% mark.

Here’s another point of comparison. First the current project:

Screenshot 2015-10-18 09.43.36

And then the previous one:

Screenshot 2015-10-18 09.44.33

Backers are giving on an average of $75 more this campaign than last. That’s fabulous.

We still have a LONG ways to go (almost $9,000). But according to folks who’ve studied Kickstarter metrics, the first three days of a successful campaign on average reaches 28% of its goal. I’m cautiously optimistic.

The next challenge – to get us to be a Kickstarter staff pick/featured project, a most popular documentary, and a most popular film and video project. But it’s only with backing that we’ll get there.


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