Here We Go Again!

Hello, Kickstarter!


We’re off and running with the relaunch of our Kickstarter campaign. There are new premiums, a revised goal and other goodies over on the page – check it out and please be a backer.


Here’s the deal – I learned a lot after our last campaign. And I really think we’ve refocused the message in a good way. For starters, things are a lot more pressing.

We’re in not one but TWO film festivals beginning this November. The first is Woman Up Independent Film Festival, which is part of the Big House LA Entertainment Festival. We’ve been selected as the film that closes out the festival. That’s a pretty huge honor.  We’re also in the China Women’s Film Festival in Bejing.


But as before, we need money to help pay the musicians who’ve made the film what it is. I’ve got some seed funds, but need to raise about $12,000 more to get everyone paid. And if I don’t get the money, then I’m going to need to change some of my musical choices.

There are stretch goals, but I’ll reveal those once we get our original funding goal hit.


So here’s the deal: I REALLY REALLY need to you back sooner rather than later. Kickstarter has these various ways of determining if they deem a project “worthy” and one matrix is the among of support and traffic a campaign gets in it’s early days. What does that mean? Well if we get an influx of backing now, they’ll be more likely to feature the project as a “Kickstarter pick” – which means more backers. So if you love us (and I know you do), back us ASAP.

red lips isolated in white

There are premiums for low and high rollers. Like lipstick-kissed postcards for every backer at $5 or above. A slew of sub-$100 premiums. And one or two premiums that ARE spendy. But if you can… I’ll personally give you a kiss in thanks.

A bit skint right now? (watch your Gilmore Girls if you aren’t familiar with this reference)

Gilmore Girls  "He Is Slipping 'Em Bread, Dig?" (Episode #610) Image #GG610-0278 Pictured (l-r): Lauren Graham as Lorelai Gilmore, Alexis Bledel as Rory Gilmore Credit: © The WB/Patrick Ecclesine

You can still help. Tweet, Facebook, blog, Instagram about us. All the time. But be sure to tag us and Kickstarter. Use hashtags like #crowdfunding or #pinup or #beabacker or #kickstagram or #madewithkickstarter. See, that’s another way they determine “worthiness.” Social media buzz. Please help us keep buzzing.


We’ll talk about our premiums over the next few days, and have special video extras and other things we’ll reveal as we reach different backing levels. So stay tuned…..

And thank you in advance!



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