YWIPU Issue 8: The Joker’s Wild Edition

ywipu12 October 2015

We’re all about the Jokers this week.

Jokers Wild.

So we’re running a contest this week to try and get a joker for our deck of pin up playing cards that we’ll be featuring in our Kickstarter campaign that launches Thursday. So here are some of the entries. You can find more on our Facebook or Instagram2015-10-11 09.04.38Here’s the deal: the two photos with the most likes and shares become our jokers. And if you’re one of the people sharing the most, you can win a free deck of playing cards.

2015-10-11 10.13.54

Easy peasey.

2015-10-11 10.17.44

Vote Early. Vote often.

Wait, Did You Say “Kickstarter”?

Yes, I did. Pin Up! The Movie is in not one but TWO film festivals this November: Big House LA and the Women’s International Film Festival in China.


Happy dance!!!! Times two.


More to come this week about premiums and whatnot. Lots of whatnot.

This GIF

So we’re totally swamped, but I needed to leave you with this. Because, Monday.



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