Whither Kickstarter?

I’ve been on a Kickstarter kick (see what I did there?), looking a series of really cool – or totally pin up-centric – projects.

Why bother?

Virtual reality headset used in The Ark.

Virtual reality headset used in The Ark.

Well, the whole idea of Kickstarter is social networking. You know, sharing what you like with other people and using the power of crowds to get dollars to support a creative idea. While I’m not at a point where I can donate to all of these projects, I can at least call attention to them so that others can donate.

And, who knows? Maybe some good kick-karma will come my way once we relaunch.

But I thought maybe you might care (or might not) as to why I’m pushing out things like the plight of white rhinos or women in cinema. So, some insight.

The Ark


I know. What do white rhinos have to do with pin ups? Well, in this case it’s more about HOW they’re telling the story. The husband-wife team behind The Ark are using virtual reality to help viewers/users understand why it’s important to save the four remaining white rhinos in the world. There’s a full 360° perspective viewers get when wearing the VR headset.


I’ve been working with an interactive version of this story, and I’m really fascinated to see what documentarians are doing to push the traditional limits of storytelling. I’m kind of in awe of the work going into The Ark and the bare-budget campaign they’re doing.

Their Kickstarter is running until the morning of October 8th.




Given the time of year, this one is a no-brainer. It’s a video game of ’50s-style housewives battling a zombie invasion. While the aesthetics are the main appeal, I’m also impressed by how carefully Sketchy Panda Games scheduled their campaign. It’s timed to not only coincide with the seasons of the television shows The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead, but also works as people are getting geared up for Halloween. And zombies seem to be always, uhm, hot?


Their Kickstarter runs through October 18th.

Kicking Ass and Wearing Heels


This book project features pin up-style illustrations of women who also are pretty bad-ass. It’s all aesthetics for me here. And a little bit of the girl power thing.

Their Kickstarter runs through October 22nd.

Jamie and Danielle DIM


193693b71929f47a339d1d5d48cae027_originalWhat can I say about this comic book? I mean, I’m just completely blown away by what artist Katie (Cat) Meyers wants to do. The aesthetics are amazing. She’s a female artist in a pretty male dominated world.

But really, it’s all about the story.

Danielle DIM is using the graphic style of the comic book to raise awareness of mental health issues, specifically adult depression. I’m fortunate that I don’t struggle with depression, but I know a lot of people that do. The illness is tricky and mean and needs to be recognized as just as serious as something like diabetes. Or HIV/AIDS. Or any of the other chronic diseases that people deal with every day.

Their Kickstarter runs through October 30th.

Directed by Women


Sometime last year, I committed to give in kind services to the Directed by Women global viewing party via the crowdfunding platform Seed and Spark. That meant blog posts, social media updates, and lots of other things to help spread the word about the great work women directors are doing.

Ok, yeah, I have a vested interest here. I am a woman director.

And yeah, when only one female director has won the Academy Award ever, there is something of a glass ceiling going on.


The global viewing party ran through September 15th. But there’s a new push afoot using the hashtag #52FilmsByWomen. Because watching films by women isn’t just something to be done for a few days in September.




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