YWIPU Issue 7: Your Week In Pin Up

ywipu5 October 2015

Road Rash. Behind the Burly-Q. Team Gwen. And More…

Or, your week in pin up.

Derby Dangers

We know how dangerous roller derby can be. Just talk to our friend Miss Emilie.

wait-long-enough-and-someone-will-find-a-picture-of-jesus-in-that-bruise But take artist Riikka Hyvönen to make derby kisses into art.



Old School, New School.

We’ve been all about the burly-q this week.


There are those carte des visites used as ads of sorts by 1800s burlesque performers. Or, behind-the-scenes photos of the modern bump and grind. Or the role of performers of color in burlesque.



It’s all about the girl power.

No Doubt About It.


From Buzzfeed quizzes about our Stefani-savvy to wishes for the birthday girl, just like us, you’re all in for Team Gwen.

Demi Curve.


This cover. ‘Nuff said.

Cats v. Zombies.

Countdown to Halloween.




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