I seriously hate the film festival submission process.

nightmareDon’t get me wrong – I love festivals themselves. Seeing exciting films. Meeting other filmmakers. Talking about my project.

But submissions. Ugh.

Seriously I can think of a whole laundry list of things less painful than waiting for festivals to make a decision (and then hear that they don’t want my film). Like waxing my bikini line. Pulling out my fingernails. Dropping a piece of furniture on my toes.


I am so not a patient person.

dontlikemeI understand how competitive things are and why festivals can’t give feedback on individual projects. Some festivals get thousands of submissions, after all, and only dozens of volunteers.

I also understand that not all projects “fit” various festival profiles, especially in the documentary world. Documentaries need to demonstrate the injustice in the world. They need to demonstrate social wrongs and offer ways that we can right those wrongs.

Or, there is ramped up drama (thank you, reality television). Or a hot button topic. Or a revelation of the “other” (with the implicit knowledge that “we’re” oh so superior).


And my film doesn’t do that.

It makes a subtle argument that the pin up is a feminist creature. The women aren’t judged by me. They offer complications, but aren’t unreasonably upset by the obstacles they face. They’re interesting, complicated, full-fledged women. They’re real.

That’s what pin up girls are. They’re real women.”

  • Mitzi Valenzuela, Photographer

I know this project is good. I have faith in what I’m doing and the argument that I’m making. But I’m still getting frustrated and am beginning to second guess myself.

And so I plod on.




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