Behind the Burly-Q


Lots of the women that I’ve followed in the film are involved with the modern burlesque world (Ginger Rose, Bang Bang Von Loola, Ashleeta, Miss Rockwell De Vil) and so it seems appropriate to take a look at some of the burlesque-centric documentaries that are available.

Enter Behind the Burly-Q.

The 2010 film by director Leslie Zemeckis turns to the founding women (and men) of 20th century burlesque, presenting stories in their own words (along with some terrific vintage footage).

Utterly entertaining Behind the Burly Q is a painstakingly researched love letter to the women and men who once made up the community of burlesque performers…its treasure trove of vintage photographs and performance footage is enough to make historians and fans of classic erotica swoon…insightful, fascinating.

–Ernest Hardy, The Village Voice

Another film to check out is A Wink and a Smile which follows contemporary burlesque performers (directed by Deidre Allen Timmons).

Other suggestions can be found here, but I’m not sure how many are Directed by Women.


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