YWIPU Issue 3: Your Week in Pin up

ywipu7 September 2015

Vintage travel finds, the sex appeal of nose art, feminist porn and more.. or, your week in pin up.

The. Labor. Day. Edition.

You Say Porn Star, I Say Feminist

We’ve been all about films directed by women this week, and so an exploration of how women are infiltrating porn BEHIND the camera is overdue… Via Medium.


Director Candida Royalle on the set of one of her female-centric porn films.

Speaking of Sex….

Nose art. World War II. Enough said.

01c 02c 30c

Did we forget to mention this is NSFW-ish?

Via Flyin Girls.

Girl Power


Labor Day seems a good time to revisit how women’s work changed during World War II.  Documentaries abound, including The Life and Times of Rosie the RiveterFly Girls and our own film Homefront Herorines: The WAVES of World War II.  Click on the links to learn more about the films. And use promo code 3MY4J86N through September 15th to get a 15% discount on Homefront Heroines.

HerTubePoster HH


Reality Check

So this is the last “official” weekend of summer for those of us in the US… but that doesn’t mean we can’t dream about our next getaway.


Via New York Times.

Kitty Cosplay


May the force be with you. Via Crosswind Studio


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