Turn, turn, turn


The academic calendar is rolling around again, with the start of a new year about to begin.

The more things change….

  • I have tenure at my university, which means that I have the “freedom” to say or do what I want (and research what I want). Within limits. I still do want to become a full professor after all.
  • Our project i-doc producer Noah Springer graduated in May. He’ll be continuing on the project, but not on a full time basis.
  • Our second i-doc producer Gayle Brisbane, is a new Ph.D. student at the University of Colorado (where I’m located) and begins this month. She knows video production. I’m expecting great things from her.
  • A fundraiser (Linh from Pinups4Charity) is offering to help raise money via the grants world, and give us fiscal sponsorship.
  • Social media outlets are growing at a slow but steady pace.

The more they stay the same…

  • The i-doc is slowly progressing, but needs funds (read crowdfunding/grants) to really break through and complete production.
  • Still no word from film festivals. Ah, the curse of early submissions.
  • I’m gearing up for a crowdfunding campaign. Didn’t I just do this?
  • People want to see the film.
  • And I want to see it released.

To every thing… there is a season. Patience, grasshopper, patience.


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