Why We Cancelled

I know we’ve been pushing like crazy to get you to back the film on Kickstarter. But this week I made the difficult decision to cancel the campaign, with a plan to relaunch in Fall.

I’m trying to figure out what went wrong – blog post to come on that issue. But in some ways it seems to be a lot about timing. I was hoping to know from at least one film festival of acceptance during the campaign. That would have given it a (natural) boost and a sense of urgency. My last campaign had thathelp bring an 80-something veteran to the USS Missouri – which allowed backers to feel as if they “needed” to do something even without festival submission.

Lesson one: a sense of “we must do this now” is crucial.

But summer may also be a part of the issue. Vacations. Holidays. Summer brain. It may be tough to compete with that.


So why did we cancel with a plan to relaunch? We had a lot of backers – well over a hundred, many of who were backing at low, affordable amounts ($25 or less). But I needed 1,500 backers at $10 to make my goal. I may be able to better reach people during the fall when family vacations and whatnot are less competitive. I’m thinking that sweet spot between back to school and holiday shopping – in other words September or early October.

You could even give a premium as a Christmas gift if we do a Fall launch!

You could even give a premium as a Christmas gift if we do a Fall launch!

But I’m also hoping by then that I’ll have answers from one of the dozen or so festivals I’ve submitted the film to. Again, a reason: help make sure Pin Up! The Movie makes its theatrical debut. The added benefit of this is that media are more likely to do a story about the project when there’s a potential screening in sight. And while the story wouldn’t necessarily be about the campaign, it could tie to the campaign and offer promotion for it.

It’s a hard decision. But rather than have a failed Kickstarter, I think it’s best for the project to learn from our mistakes and try again.

And there’s no shame in this. The Coolest Cooler had one failed Kickstarter before becoming one of the most successful campaigns of all time. To the tune of $13 million dollars. On a $50,000 goal.

Learning from mistakes.


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