Made in America Bonus Time!!!!!

As the Kickstarter progresses, I’m working on trying to drum up support. Frankly, I’m concerned at this point that the campaign won’t make its goal, which would mean I would opt to withdraw it and start again later in the year (likely when I get a festival acceptance).

I don’t want to do that. I’ve put too much energy into this to stop now.

logoBut the long holiday weekend is a problem. Saturdays/Sundays = not so good for Kickstarter (not just my project – statistics bear this out).

Late yesterday, I started talking again with Amanda Becker of Heart of Haute. Her company is a vintage reproduction clothier based in Los Angeles and is featured in the film. You can hear from Amanda and her mother/partner Theresa talk about their company in the clip below.

We’ve been discussing how Heart of Haute can be involved in terms of premiums.

The issue is shipping dresses or other clothes. What if a dress doesn’t fit and needs to be returned? That’s a problem. Amanda suggested gift certificates. However, Kickstarter has specific rules, and gift certificates aren’t allowed under their terms of service. They want us to give tangible goods to backers, not things with a theoretical value.

KickstarterSpecialBut a bonus in addition to the regular premiums. That could work.

So this weekend we’re offering a premium bonus. Back the project at $25-$499 – you get your regular premium PLUS a bonus code for 15% off on any Heart of Haute purchase. Back the project at $500+ and your bonus code is for a 20% discount. The bonus premium runs through Monday at 11:59pm PT – and if you’re a current backer you can upgrade and get the code. The code will be delivered when the project funds.

And here’s the most perfect thing about this: Heart of Haute is based in America, doing all manufacturing, production and distribution from the US (specifically Southern California). Their products are affordable and great looking.

Ideal for the Independence Day weekend.

Cue the fireworks.


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